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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Angel & Gremlin had a battle but which one won!

24th February 2015
No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side.

Yesterday was a real test of strength, where my eating habits are concerned.  Let's be honest I love eating and different situations cause for different kind of foods, so being out of my normal routine would come under such a situation.  Oh and going on a road trip, all be it merely a 240 mile round trip to head office didn't make it any less of an 'adventure".  My journey started early as I hate the thought of not getting somewhere on time so I give myself plenty of time, I hadn't had breakfast because there wasn't any bread in the house, plus I thought I could pick something up when I stopped for petrol.

Oh the inner turmoil that goes on when my inner 'let me eat' gremlin starts hashing it out with my 'I wanna eat healthy' angel in a petrol station, gremlin wanted a sandwich, not one of those light versions the full fat, triple packs, or maybe a big fat sausage roll because she'd seen one on Facebook the other day and had been craving one since (thanks AnnMarie!), ooo look at the meal deals, you get crisps with them.  Then out of nowhere with a strength she hasn't shown in a while came my healthy angel, oh yeah she took back the power and grabbed grapes, a banana and a tray of chargrilled cooked chicken, and a diet drink, thinking that will get me through to lunchtime, I'm driving to Maidenhead, it's not a holiday, it's work and you need to stop with the "Sod It, I'll start again tomorrow" attitude.

Oh she was forceful, she almost lost the battle a couple of hours later when I needed to stop for a toilet break on the motorway, ooo M&S shop at the service station, I likes M&S, shame I wasn't hungry, my greedy gremlin would have taken down that healthy angel had I been, she wouldn't have stood a chance.  However, because I'd eaten all my stash I'd bought, there wasn't an ounce of hungry, so I wandered round M&S and couldn't see anything I 'really' wanted, I did spot a Greggs across the car park, "Oh ma'an they'd have sausage rolls", thought my greedy gremlin, my healthy angel appeared to be controlling my feet and steered me out of the opposite door, boom she won.  Damn what was this a hot food stand, the gremlin takes back the power and before I know it I'm stood there with a foot long sausage roll that's cost me £1.99!  As I walk back to the car, there's an internal conversation going on between the two, the devil wants to devour it, the angel is reminding his, pastry gives me chronic heartburn, I already have a bit of a headache do I want to add indigestion to the day, I sit in my car and take a bite, realise it isn't all that get out and throw the rest to the birds!  Boom, back away heartburn, I'm having none of that today.

Back on the road and soon arrive, only coffee to be had at the meeting, although I did resist the free WW bakes and bars in their tea room when I went to make my drink.   Three hours later and the return journey.

I stop quite early, about 2ish as I realise it's lunch time and I've not eaten, I didn't think I was hungry to be fair until I eye a Waitrose, I wander round, ooo meal deals, then I spy a bag of salted almonds, there my lates mmm-ness, I just love em, however they are 17pp per 100g, higher than chocolate, but they're also really good for you, so I threw them in my basket with some Edamame beans that are F&H and delicious, they'd be pp per tub, so even with breakfast eating those nuts would mean I was still under 30pp!  For a day on the road that wasn't so bed I told myself! 

Then suddenly I find myself stood typing into a touchscreen, what was I doing, how did I get here, this is a KFC ordering panel, I played with it for a few minutes before convincing myself I didn't really want to pay £5 for a couple of pieces of chicken, fries and a coke and the scales would not thank me for it at all.  So instead I went back to Waitrose and bought 3 ready meals for £6 so I had my tea ready for when I got home, Cod in parsley sauces with mash and peas for 8pp, now that was a much better choices than a KFC meal for one for a zillion ProPoints!   The good old healthy angel won that round too, even with the 17pp bag of almonds, healthy food and fixed a craving, that's out of my system again now.

Yay, I made it home, I can't believe how many times I thought about food, my gremlin even reminded me I hadn't bought bread as I got off the motorway but I knew if I stopped for a loaf, I'd end up buying other stuff, so we can live without bread this morning, mom has her toasted teacake, I can have eggs or porridge, I'll live without bread!  It's surprising what you can live without if it isn't there. 

I had wi-fi and tv problems when I got home too, so I know if there had been rubbish in the house, I'd have indulged because the 'stress' button had kicked in, instead I saw it as a sign from the universe to turn off the computer and have an early night, mom and I were in bed by 8 and I've had an incredible 8+ hours sleep after a little bit of a read.  I must have needed it, plus that gremlin is quiet when I'm asleep, thankfully.

Feeling good this morning, thinking if I can survive a road trip with the greedy gremlin on full throttle, then my healthy angel is getting stronger, here's to another good day, okay yesterday may not have been perfect 26 or fully F&H, but it was healthy and I am happy, that's good enough for me for now.

How did your day go?  Are you planning on having a good one today BeYOUtiful, I am!

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