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Monday, 16 February 2015

Who's up for a magic Monday?

16th February 2015
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Good morning, well I have a very tidy office, dusted, polished, sorted the lot, what's the betting I won't be able to find a thing this week!   It took me most of my morning though, I then gave up on the housework and left it for another day as I really fancied a nice hot bath and a read of my book.  The book I got to finish but apparently we have no hot water, so showers it is then till my brother can make it round to look at the boiler. 

Weight wise I got a stayed same, am I complaining - heck no, I'm relieved and a little surprised, so I'll take that and continue to try to improve each day.  I know I've got a really busy two weeks ahead so really need to do some planning and get some meals in place ready.  When I've written my blog I'm going to do some planning and an online shop. 

Luckily for us we're not fussed about pancakes so won't be bothering with them this week.  It's national chip week too this week!  I may indulge in some actifry ones, I'll need to buy potatoes first, then Chinese New Year is later in the week, I might try and knock together a nice F&H version of something chinese themed today and use wholewheat spaghetti instead of noodles, I have leftover chicken and some stir fry veggies that hopefully with still be useable!  Yeah there's lunch sorted.  Eggs for breakfast, mmm I feel a successful F&H day coming on.

I fancy jacket potatoes this week too, could leave them in the slow cooker when I go out, or even in the oven on low for a few hours won't hurt.  Ooo I'm doing my meal plan already.  There's salmon in the freezer, that'll be nice with brown rice and veggies, need veggies.  Tempted to write a list and physically go shopping as if I place an order it'll be tomorrow now.  I'll decide as I plan, nah I've decided, I'm gonna go have me a relaxing walk round my favourite supermarket and treat myself to some posh nosh.

Yeah 100% on track and planned, that's the decisions.




That's going to be completed before the end of today, I will share it with you tomorrow, which means I'll have to do it! 

I might even try and plan for the next two weeks because it's next week that's my super busy week, I'm out at work every day from Monday - Sunday expect for Friday when I'll be working from home!  Gotta love a 7 day week, thankfully that's not a regular thing, I like my chilling too much.

Talking of chilling we had a lovely afternoon doing our latest jigsaw, I can't believe how it really zones me out and takes my mind off everything, who'd have thought the simple jigsaw could have that ability, I love it!  I also finished another book, it's my mission to keep my reading up throughout the year, I normally stop around now as I get busy.  I'm looking forward to spending hours in the summer in my garden reading my book and looking at the lovely flowers.  Oh bring on the warmer weather and the light nights.

Here's to a great week, I feel positive this morning, feeling ready to get on track and plan my meals, also looking forward to a walk round Waitrose, easily pleased me!  I do love this slow lane life I've got myself, it suits me and mom just fine.

Have a magic Monday BeYOUtiful.

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