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Monday, 9 February 2015

What's your plan?

9th February 2015
Have no regrets in life, just lessons learned.

Good morning, today is going to be a good day!  Yep mines started with a half pound weight loss, I'll thrilled, easily pleased me and as long as it isn't going up it's all good.

We're having a slightly differently ladies that lunch today, we're off for afternoon tea at Gluttons in Tettenhall (I think the name says it all!), it's AnnMaries birthday at the weekend and this is a much better idea than an expensive card and a gift she'd want to take back (I know my friends!), I can't wait if I'm honest, I'm not having breakfast so I'm proper hungry when I get there - ain't I a great example to you Weight Watchers!  I've never been to Gluttons before but it came highly recommended and they've been refurbished over the last two weeks and this is their re-opening day so I will fill you all in tomorrow with my review!

My bestie and her daughter stayed over last night they're still asleep downstairs, Lynne's got the lurgy, she better not share that, she's also semi-defrosted my freezer this morning, not shutting it properly getting the ice out for her 'medicine' last night!  Good job I love her, I'll be making a chicken curry today with the defrosted, I'm hoping the rest of what's in there will be ok, but if I blog about food poisoning over the coming month or so, can you inbox me and remind me it's her fault because I will forget!

I ended up spending a good 6 hours in front of the pc yesterday, so today I'm going to have a full day off!  There is an hour of stuff I absolutely MUST do but then I need to back away from the pc because I did a 63 hour week last week which is much too much, even if I do love it, I'll burn myself out doing that, I need to recharge, as do we all, balance is so important.  I've managed ten hours sleep though so that's a bonus!

So my plan for this week is to be more mindful of my meals, being that busy has meant there hasn't been much thought going into what I'm eating, obviously today's going to be a little different but the rest of the week will have more attention paid to mealtimes.  It's no good me helping everyone else to lose weight if I'm not taking care of myself and my mom.  She's loving it because I've been letting her have pizza when usually it's once a week, bless her though I think even she's had enough of the pizza now. 

I'm thinking chicken curry, a beef stew maybe (will need to shop for ingredients to do that), trying to think what's in the freezer that should be used probably!  I'll go and have a look now and maybe completely defrost some of it and when I get back later have a cooking session so that I then have a fridge and freezer full of cooked meals.

What's your plan for the week?  It's always good to have one, it's Valentines day on Saturday so don't forget if you're celebrating, you may want to be saving your weekly allowance.  Always good to check your diary and see what's in there planned.

Okay I'm off to check my freezer, then do my hour of must do work, then I'm gonna shower and get ready for my Afternoon Tea ;) YAY, party!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful.

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