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Thursday, 22 May 2014

You can't beat a simple life!

22nd May 2014
You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do – you should go do them!

Good morning, it’s raining but that’s ok it’ll save me watering the hanging baskets on my busiest day of the week.  I’ve just made me a cuppa and whilst waiting for the kettle I’ve had a quick mooch in the freezer for something for dinner later, smoked haddock for me today, I don’t care if I see chicken again this week at the moment, 3 meals of it is more than enough for anyone – I really do need to do a meal plan this weekend for sure, I need some delicious food in my life to look forward to. 

I have to share this with you, my mom’s just a darling she really is and yesterday I was in my office and I heard the door know and she answered, so I listened to the conversation and it went like this;

man "Your hedges need cutting luv"
mom "what hedges, they're shrubs!"
man "they need trimming, I'll do it for a tenner"
mom "lend me your cutters and I'll do em myself and you can give me a tenner!"
man - walked away.....

Despite a busy day yesterday, I took an hour’s lunch (I never do this in the week) but the sun was blazing and I thought to myself it’s going to rain apparently this weekend so I want to enjoy a bit of this sunshine whilst I can, so I took my salmon salad and ate it up the garden then read my coursework for a bit, I’d rather do an extra hours paperwork tomorrow when it’s raining!

It was lovely to sit outside and get a bit of sun – please everyone remember your suncream and also to drink plenty of fluids in this weather, it really is important!  The only thing I didn’t enjoy about sitting outside was the eating bit, I just don’t like having a fly try to share my lunch, I’ve never been a fan of outdoor eating for this very reason! 

Talking of insects, mom called me into her room last night to show me bees, yep about 7 of them frying into the soffits are they called above her window, so I think we may have a bees nest in the loft!  As long as them being there doesn’t do any damage to the house and they don’t plan on having wild parties they can stay, bees are really the most important creatures on our planet apparently so I feel quite privileged that they’ve chose to live here because my garden is full of the pollen!

I’m no politician and I’m not great with politics but I do know it’s voting day and I will vote today and so should you – It’s important, as my nephew said yesterday and I was proud and impressed by his comment, we all have to vote otherwise those with hate in their heart may get their way!  He made me a proud aunty yesterday, just chatting to him for 15 minutes made me realise what a fine young man he’s turned into!

So back to food as always!  I’m thinking spaghetti for tea, 12 minutes in a pan whilst I’m making my evening cuppa sorted!  I could throw the last bit of leftover chicken in with it and a bit of pasta sauce, yea that’s tea sorted, see this is planning and it took as long as it took me to type this sentence to do!  So I will definitely be planning some meals this weekend, having a look through my cookbooks, I haven’t really looked at the new Cooking the Weight Watchers Way book yet and I know that next week there’s 30% off it, so if I have a look and it’s any good I might treat my sister to it. You can’t beat a good Weight Watcher cookbook, I love the Filling & Healthy one that came out earlier this year.

Right enough of this food talk, I’ve got work to get too; by the end of today my members will have lost a total of 10,000 pound so far in 2014!  Awesome amount!
Have a BeYOUtiful day ;)

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