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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Protein, Carbs, Fat & Fibre - NOPE, it's now Fat, Carbs, Fibre & Protein!

7th May 2014
You have more to do than be weighed down by pretty or beautiful – you have a fiery heart and a wicked brain.  Do not let your soul be defined by its shell!

Seriously where does the time go!  Yesterday I was thinking about taking mom for a drive to find some bluebell fields and I couldn’t believe it’s been a year since the last time I had that thought!  Doesn’t seem five minutes since mom and I were driving round looking for a place that we couldn’t go into when we found it because they didn’t allow dogs!  Yep time sure is passing quickly, I can’t believe we’re in May already, this year really is flying! 

One of my members got to goal yesterday; she started in October 2012 and has lost 50lb, that time has also flown.  I think when we join and think about how much weight we have to lose and how long it will take, it seems forever away, what we have to do is to keep reminding ourselves that the time will pass anyway!  Julie’s attitude over the last 18 months has been fantastic, at the start of the 6 weeks school holidays last year when I asked her what she wanted to achieve by the end of them, she told me “I just want to still be in the meeting because normally this is when I give up!”  She was, she didn’t lose any weight that holiday but she didn’t gain any either. Her average weight loss over the 17 months has been 0.7lb a week, doesn’t sound a lot does it?  No it doesn’t but guess what, she’s now at her goal weight, she’s enjoyed the journey, realised the changes she made had to be lifetime ones and she SMILES a lot!  Julie is a die head ProPointer, unlike me she hasn’t embraced Simple Start or Filling & Healthy, she likes her daily allowance and she’s stuck with it and that’s what makes the flexibility of the plan great.  Can you tell I’m very proud of my Julie ;)

Anyways it’s Wednesday already, half way through another week and I’m on track which is always a good thing, yesterday I made Spanish Pork casserole using a Colman’s packet mix, you can’t fault these mixes when you’re in a hurry, 4pp in the packets so 1pp per portion and the rest of the ingredients were Filling and Healthy, but even on a ProPoints day with the mash it was only 11pp.  For tea I had steak and stir fried veggie wraps, very nice.

I’m going to do the slow cooker chicken idea today because I have a meeting at lunchtime with my manager which means no time to spare inbetween my Weight Watchers meetings, I think I’ll have it with Actifry chips or bulgar wheat as both can be left to get on with it whilst I get on with paperwork.  If I do both I can have chips with lunch and bulgar wheat will be ready for tea when I get home – yeah like that idea.

I’ve found a recipe for tarragon chicken burgers and also a smoky roast chicken recipe in the new Chickenlicious cookbook by Weight Watchers that I need to add to my “to cook” list, both look tasty.  I need something quick and easy for tomorrow though with it being my busiest day, will have a think but not now as my brain ain’t started working, it’s had a pint of water already but it’s asking for caffeine!

One last thing before I go, Weight Watchers have made a change to their online calculator from today, it all because the order of nutrients on food packaging is changing – you may have noticed it already.  It’s all due to European legislation, they’ve decided to change the way in which nutritional information appears on food and drink labels – YES they’ve done it just to annoy you ;) because you have an old calculator and it’ll make your life just slightly more difficult!    They haven’t really and it won’t be that much more difficult honest xx  This layout will legally come into effect in December 2014 and all manufacturers will comply – bet they’ve loved having to change all their packaging, that won’t have cost much!

So this is how it’s going to look online; 

OLD/CURRENT order of nutrients
NEW order
Fibre (optional*)

*Going forward fibre does not have to be declared on the food label. So if this value is missing members should enter a zero (0) as they do now.

Will our calculators change?  Yeah they will but not this year, your calculators still work just fine so continue to use them, you’ll soon get used to looking in the new places, I have over the last few months.

Right that’s me, I’m off to do my thing, have a great day BeYOUtiful, what will you be eating today, make sure it’s delicious and good for you. Xx

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