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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Need to plan more or I'm going to look like a chicken!

21st May 2014
Don’t let yourself be controlled by these three things: your past, people and money. Unknown.  (I’d add a fourth – FOOD!)

Planned!  That’s what I did yesterday, I knew I was going to be out all day, as well as my meetings I had an appointment at Walsall College to sign up for a distance learning course, so I didn’t have time to think about cooking food.  Instead I’d popped a whole skinned chicken in the slow cooker; I did experiment and put some brown rice in with it  but that was an epic fail, the chicken worked perfectly though, so lunch was this (chicken with leftover bulgur wheat);

And tea was chicken with salad, quick and easy, satisfying and Filling and Healthy apart from the olives and the bit of sauce.

I’d sat down Monday and thought about a few meal ideas to see me through till Friday, and then I find out that the weekly Weight Watcher online challenge is “Are you a planner or a blagger? This week’s #StepIntoSummer challenge is one for everybody – plan every meal, even at the weekend!”

I’m a bit of both I think, I have a vague plan, my shopping is made up of mostly made up of Filling and Healthy foods so I can’t go wrong in the meals I make, however I do know that I would benefit from having meal ideas planned, I know sometimes we may not fancy what we’ve got planned but there’s nothing to say the days planned can’t be interchanged.  I love this comment that Pam made on my facebook post; 

Yes! Every Wednesday I sit with one of my WW cookbooks or magazines and choose my main meals. From the recipes I create my shopping list and enjoy at least 4 new recipes every week. Saves time and money and ensures I am never bored with my meals. Works for me! X

I want to be that person! I love the idea of trying new recipes and not having the same things week in week out, I’m guilty of getting a bit stuck in my meals at the moment, yes I love egg and chips and could eat it daily but I have to say those dinner yesterday were what I term ‘just food’, and when I only get 7 lunches and 7 dinners at week, I don’t want any of those meals to be ‘just food’ so I need to make that my next thing to sort because I don’t want to get repetitive with my eating, I enjoy food and I like new flavours.

I’ll not have chance till the weekend to do any planning to that degree but I will do it I think and see how I get on.  Today I think I’ll have salmon – that’s almost planning isn’t it! I’ve planned at 5.30am what I’ll have at 12.30pm, better than nothing ;) then for tea another salad probably, I like the quickness and simplicity of a salad especially when it’s warm outside.

Right that’s me, I’m off to get ready for another day, half way down my pint of water and wanting my cuppa tea, so enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, make the most of this sunshine and SMILE!

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