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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Unfortunately we don't always get to choose our Hard!

15th May 2014
Life is hard, after all it kills you.  Katharine Hepburn

Life’s hard, but the good thing is it’s equally hard for all of us!  Nobody’s HARD can be compared to anyone else’s.  From a diet point of view, we all have our ‘hard’ we all find it difficult in some way, you may think because you work shifts it’s hard for you to stick to the plan and I don’t doubt it is, but what about that poor love with triplets who’s not actually slept more than 2 hours for the last 3 months!  Who’s ‘HARD’ is harder, who’s got the more difficult ‘life’ to contend with.  Is it harder for someone who has to work away and eat in hotels all the time or for someone who has to try and make £30 last her the week to buy food, or maybe it’s the one who has got to feed 5 kids and a husband, all of which expect something different to eat!  Mmm we can all play the “HARD” card, everyone has their story, OR we can all say right, this is my life, my situation, how do I make Weight Watchers FIT!  Don’t like the idea of finding a way to make it work, then shut up, stop moaning and stay overweight!  Did that sound abrupt?  It was supposed to, I will go above and beyond to help anyone who wants to change, who’s willing to try, even if they think they can’t do it and it’s the hardest mission they’ve ever had, but if that person isn’t willing to try, I can’t help.  “I can’t, I don’t like, I won’t”, those words don’t help unless they’re followed by a positive, such as, “I can’t do …. but I could try to do ……” “I don’t like….. so instead maybe…..” or “I won’t …… but I’m willing to…..”  See now that’s called progress, but playing the “it’s hard and I can’t” card won’t get you anywhere but it will help you stay where you are just fine!

Thankfully 99.99% of my members do want to find solutions and are willing to change, that’s what makes my job so rewarding, 371lb lost so far this week is proof they that do change and find solutions, they find ways to make Weight Watchers FIT into their lives despite all the obstacles and boy do some have more than their fair share of obstacles, I’m actually in awe of some people and their ability to stay on track despite all the ‘crazy’ in their lives.  Obviously I can’t talk about particular people’s circumstances but I continually get amazed by the strength some people show especially in difficult times in their lives.

A quote I read recently said “there isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story”  and after being a Weight Watcher leader for almost ten years I have to say this is very true, we are all damaged in some way, and you never know someone’s struggles and hardship until you take time to listen, and you know what, the more you take time to listen and learn about people who enter your life, the more you will be amazed by them.  It’s very sad that some people never let you get to know them, that their walls are so high and their defences so brutal that it’s too difficult and painful for anyone to get close.

Never be afraid to let your guard down through fear of someone not understanding, you may just find a brand new friend or ally, if you don’t what’s the worst case scenario?  Whatever the worst thing you can think of it, it’s never going to be as bad as going through life, sad, bitter, unhappy or alone, let those defences down if you have built them up – take a risk.

Bit deep this morning, sorry for that but I use this as a way to process what’s in my head and yesterday one person really affected me with their behaviour, I don’t believe anyone wants to be horrid and disliked, I just think they’ve become that way through circumstances – maybe I’m wrong, maybe some people get a kick from it but I’d prefer to live with the belief we’re all good people underneath and we all want to be liked and loved.

So on that note, have a great day BeYOUtiful, smile, eat Gorgeous, focus on the healthy and happy and be thankful for everyone in your life who makes you feel good, I’m very lucky I come into contact with over 500 people a week who do that for me!
Just one of the many people I've met that made me smile!
Spend time with people who make you smile....

1 comment:

Tracy Hitch said...

some people just like to use excuses Bev and you do an amazing job inspiring people to make a change to their life so let that person who upset you waft by like a breeze and think of all your lovely members who truly appreciate you. some people don't know the meaning of a hard life. God help them if they lived in a war torn or poverty striken country. There's always someone with a harder life than your own. We all need to make the best of what we've got and enjoy life. We are on this earth for a small amount of time and it rushes by so quickly.
Keep your chin up and hold your head high your doing a brilliant job!! Xx