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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Fancy Fish Finger Sandwich in front of the TV!

25th May 2014
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Coco Chanel 

I had a lovely morning yesterday covering another leaders meeting, it’s always a pleasure to meet Weight Watcher members, and they really are the best kind of people!  Then I came home did my paperwork then managed to quickly do my meal plan for main meals
 and get the shopping done online using the cookbooks, I like this way of shopping I think, I don’t have to drive anywhere and I can have my cookbooks by the side of me, plus I can run down and check the cupboards to see if I need the ingredients!   I also saved £20 because it was mom’s first order with Ocado (I had mine last week!) we have different emails so it worked, gotta save those pennies where you can, I’m hoping I get £20 for recommending her too ;) so if anyone wants recommending inbox me your email address :) cos I love shopping I do!

This weeks online #StepIntoSummer challenge was to try to plan every meal, even at the weekend!  I didn’t get round to doing it till yesterday really but I did plan our dinner last night whilst having my massage – probably not relaxing for some but it worked for me ;-) I wanted roasted vegetables and crusty bread, and then I decided I wanted fish fingers too, so this is what I came up with; 

I bought a crusty white loaf and weighed it;

31pp for what was sold as a 400g loaf, I then removed the soft bread from inside the loaf which too the ProPoints down to 16, much better. (I'll use the leftover for a savoury bread pudding today)

I put a tray of frozen chargrilled vegetables from Sainsbury’s  in a roasting tray with a few tomatoes and cooked with a tray of fish fingers (I weighed 9 = 12pp of the ones I used – others will vary).  

I also made a low fat tartar sauce using extra light mayo and capers and when it was all cooked I compiled it like this and we enjoyed 15pp each worth of a delicious fancy fish finger sandwich. 

It was really tasty and definitely a ProPoints day treat because of the white bread and fish fingers, that’s why I love Weight Watchers, there’s always a choice!  Today I’m going to finish off my meal plan and decide whether I’m doing F&H or ProPoints each day, I plan to work out all 21 meals even if I get a bit flexible over the week with them, I’ll have a structure to start with.

I didn’t do anything for the rest of the day yesterday other than chill out with my mom and watch movies – that’s what rainy days are made for, Under the Tuscan Sun was a nice film, the dark knight returns was a good film but a little dark for my liking – I’m all about the happy!  I think that was all we watched but if we watched anything else it can’t have been very good because I can’t remember it!

Looking forward to today, this is my first entire day off this week, I really could do some Weight Watcher work but I’m not going to, I need a completely WW free day every now and again, although I will ProPoint my food and post my piccy’s that’s not a work thing that’s a me thing.

Have a great day everyone, BeYOUtiful, don’t be afraid to play in the puddles and get wet – it’s fun, I did it yesterday ;)

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