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Monday, 12 May 2014

Don't Rush Me ;)

12th May 2014
Never apologise for being sensitive or emotional.  Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it.  Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.  Brigitte Nicole.

So this is how it goes, I had the best on track week I’ve had in a long time, stuck to F&H all week, used 40 of my 49 weeklies and earned 17pp on my pedometer that I didn’t use.  I’ve cooked delicious food, including my amazing Sunday roast beef dinner yesterday which had huge 7pp Yorkshire pudding on it and 2pp of gravy taken from my weekly allowance, we even had bread and butter pudding and custard for 5pp.  Everything accounted for and within my allowance and the results on the scales this morning – half a pound off!

Are you feeling for me right now?  Don’t – let’s rewind to the week before when I wasn’t 100%, oh I can’t I haven’t been tracking the actual food I’ve eaten!  I’ve only been tracking the none Filling & Healthy stuff, so that’s my change for this week, back to tracking EVERYTHING I eat so that I can use it for information, I know that I have a had a great week this week, from memory I think last week was okay, I remember the week before involving KFC and Cinema popcorn and Big Mac.  Also

I’m enjoying F&H and I know I could maintain it long term, so I’m not fussed about the speed with which I lose, as long as the scales are going down.  4lb in 5 weeks, I’ll take that, especially knowing I have a delicious big piece of fresh salmon to look forward to at lunchtime which I’ll be serving on a bed of wholewheat spaghetti and vegetables – yep that’ll do me, plus I can have breakfast first and dinner after – what more can I ask for, 3 delicious meals a day, more energy, feeling healthy and happy in myself and getting results on the scales – whatever the speed, the times going to pass anyway so what’s the rush!

We’re starting week 3 of the Weight Watchers Stunning For Summer and this week This week we challenge you to start your day right by eating breakfast every morning! #StepIntoSummer

We can do that one easily can’t we?  I’m thinking mushrooms on toast, or maybe a bowl of raw oats with skimmed milk poured on them and a banana chopped up in it – I prefer my porridge oats raw and cold to cooked and hot.   Don’t forget to post your photos on facebook or twitter with the tagline #StepIntoSummer can’t beat sharing our success and progress come to that, it’s great having lots of support online, especially at the weekends when staying on track might get tricky, I love to nip into my members facebook group for a bit of motivation.  Social media is a busy thing these days, here are all the links you need to get to the main Weight Watchers ones;

Facebook    Twitter   YouTube   Google +    Pinterest  

Can you believe I’m being facebooked asking me where my blog is – calm down ladies, I’ve not been up long ;)

Anyway it’s amazing what you can do when you plan and think about what you’re eating, I walked round Sainsbury’s yesterday, took my time because I was looking for meal ideas and I found a good few, I’ll post them as I eat them.  I also wanted custard and when I checked the Ambrosia both the low fat and regular were 5pp for half can, so I bought birds custard powder and made my own as skimmed milk is F&H and I used sweetener so only had to ProPoint the powder, 35g makes a pint for 3pp and I only had a 1/3rd of that – bargain.

Right I’m off I could carry on but there are impatient folk waiting to read it.

Whatever your results on the scales this week, don’t let them dictate your mood or your week ahead, that machine rarely knows the full story, it doesn’t measure how you feel!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful.

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