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Friday, 16 May 2014

Keep on tracking...

16th May 014
Having a goal, even a small one, makes it easier to focus, don’t’ be overwhelmed by the big picture!  Elice Badyga

What a week at the scales!  I have to say my members excelled themselves this week absolutely amazing weight losses especially from my new members, our total weight loss for week was 650lb (46.5 stone!) which is Incredible! Well do to everyone who’s followed the plan this week regardless of whether you lost weight or you’re one of my members, give yourself a round of applause!  

I’m still following Filling and Healthy and I have to say I’m enjoying it very much so, the one thing I have realised is although I don’t have to track on it because there’s no weighing or measuring of the F&H foods, I do need to remember to track those extras as it’s easy to forget and then plan doesn’t work if you use your weekly allowance of 49 MORE than once!    So for me it’s been just as easy to track it all, after all I’m mostly only eating at meal times, so that’s only 3 times a day I’m having to write things down.  

I’m on day 5 of my tracking week and I’ve only used 19pp, I’m pleased with that, I did spend 6 yesterday on White chocolate and peanut butter reese cups that I think I wished I hadn’t but hey ho, they were delicious, I just wanted ten of them!  Plus once I start my sweet tooth, I find it difficult to stop it.  It didn’t help that I’d had a banana omelette for breakfast, yes tastes better than it sounds – honest.   Just pop sliced bananas in a frying pan with a bit of oil spray (I use my WW sprayer) and then pour on the egg mixture and a bit of cinnamon – different.

Today I have all day training in Derby, normally my slow day Friday is after already working at least 40 hours this week, I’m not feeling tired though so that’s a bonus.  I have weeklies to spare if they supply a lunch that isn’t F&H, so feeling in control and confident.  Sunday is race for life and we’re off for lunch afterwards, if I opt for steak I should be fine then too, unless we end up in a carvery then I’ll just choose carefully as I serve myself.

Busy weekend so I need to focus to stay on track!

I picked up these in Asda last night, the lime and chilli one tastes delicious, I haven’t used it yet just dipped my finger in it.  I’ve worked them out at 1pp per 10g serving, there isn’t any nutritional information on the tub but looking at the ingredients and the fact the first thing on the list is SUGAR I’ve gone with the ProPoints of 10g of sugar – using my powers of guestimation and common sense.  Don’t bother to buy the sweet/salt on unless you’re incapable of mixing your own sugar and salt together as that is all that’s in the tub.  They’re from Asda, 85p for a tub, it says to use 20g of butter too, but I will use my WW oil spray instead. 
Another thought I had regarding making my own popcorn was Lakeland butter buds 

I haven’t had these for years but I remember them as being a sachet of powder that has a buttery tastes and is only 10 calories a sachet.  The powder works out at 10pp per 100g, but one sachet is 0pp, they’re £4.99 for a pack of 40 but you do have to pay delivery of £2.99!  I’m going to order some so if you’re one of my members and you’d like some let me know and we can do a bulk order.

Right I need to get gone, got to be 40 miles away this morning and need to shower first!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful. xx

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