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Friday, 23 May 2014

See a grey day as silver...

23rd May 2013
It’s a good day to have a good day!

Well it’s a bit wet out there this morning, won’t be sitting in the garden today!  Hopefully though I’m getting to spend the day with my bestie as long as nothing changes to stop her getting here!  No idea what we’re doing but it won’t be very energetic I do know that :)

It’s been a great week for my members, four lovely ladies have achieved their goals this week and my amazing members smashed the 10,000lb mark in 2014, what a fantastic year they’re having, it’s just incredible, 10,000 in 20 weeks, I’m so proud of all their efforts.  My members aren’t just losing weight they’re coping with everything life has to throw at them – my members are strong and determined and even though they have weeks were life takes over and they don’t do so well, they always come back fighting and carry on – that is why I’m so proud.  Best job in the world!

So I’m going to write myself a to do list this weekend I think, it’s not going to be a long one as I’m working tomorrow so I have one day less in my usual weekend plans, however top of my to do list is meal planning and shopping, need to get that sorted definitely!  I also want to get on with my Winnie the Pooh rocking chair, so that might consume Sunday, oh and I need to do a bit of studying for my new distance learning course in Nutrition and Health, but today once I’ve done all my paperwork is chill out fun day, yay I love these kinds of Fridays I really do.

I’ve realised with the meal planning, it doesn’t have to be a huge deal, it can be a quick list hand written of meals, I have this habit of turning everything into a huge project, I get ‘folder’ envy when I see someone has folders of recipes and meal ideas as they’ve gone along in their Weight Watchers Weight Loss journey, only I fail to realise they’ve built those folders up over time, not put them together in a day!  Yes I’m a project junkie and I need to get realise I don’t always have to be!

I do really fancy trying a couple of new recipes though, so I might sit with the cook books watching tv and browse through them over the weekend too, can’t beat looking at food photos can you!  I might also add a couple of the recipes from my www.happyowls.co.uk site as I’ve made them before and I know I like them.  Salad needs to be high on my list of meals next week as well as I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve had this week, I loved adding a bit of roasted vegetables to them too.  What’s your favourite recipe?  Email it me, give me some ideas.

Short and sweet today, got loads to do, have a good one BeYOUtiful.

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