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Monday, 19 May 2014

Oh what a BeYOUtiful giggle filled day that was!

19th May 2014
If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.  African Proverb

An amazing day, thanks to everyone who has made a donation to what is an incredible event! The work that Race for Life funds, helps turn ladies like Natalie into a survivor not a statistic!  The race was both emotional and enjoyable and I’ll say no more except it looks like our team are set to raise well over £1,000 so thank you to everyone who’s donated and if you’d like to take a look at the photos, click this link.

I earned over 22,000 steps on my pedometer which equates to an extra 7pp unfortunately that didn’t cover our celebratory lunch!  What a giggle we had, it’s quite dangerous to put a group of Weight Watcher ladies together in on restaurant I realised many years ago!  I was very well behaved on my main meal, we were at a Toby carvery and to be honest I just didn’t want to queue up for my dinner (it’s like being back at school when the queues Sunday long!) so instead I ordered a grilled salmon salad, I even removed the croutons and they’d put the sauce in pots so that was easy – my lunch was indeed Filling & Healthy.  Then the dessert menu came, bless AnnMarie she had done a no cake for 21 days challenge which ended yesterday so it would’ve been rude not to indulge with her, we couldn’t decide between apple crumble and custard (13pp) or Lemon cheesecake sundae (17pp) so we had the crumble each and three of us shared the sundae to say we’d tried it!  Luckily it wasn’t that fab so we only had a couple of spoonfuls and I was full so I left a few ProPoints worth of the crumble also.

Oh and I just have to share the video of AnnMarie working out how many of her weekly ProPoints her dinner had cost her, it just shows that even after losing 5 stone and achieving her goal she’s no different to how all of us are – we love food and that will never change, we just find a way to balance it ;)

My tracker says despite this indulgence I did manage to cover the indulgence of the day with my weeklies and activities unfortunately the bag of cheese and onion crisps and lemon curd green yogurt I found later in the kitchen weren’t covered and I’ve stayed the same this morning, I was on course for a pound loss Saturday morning too (yeah I know I shouldn’t get on the scales more than once a week but you lot do ;) !)  I’m actually okay with the result, my 8 week challenge was not to gain which I haven’t and I still have a few weeks to get into the next stone bracket.  As long as I’m healthy and happy, I know the weight will come off if I continue on the F&H path and tell mom we can’t have cheese and onion crisps in the house, although having said that I didn’t actually enjoy them so maybe my tastebuds are changing.

Yesterday was all about feeling blessed I have to say, especially as I watched Natalie sharing dessert with her daughter and for a moment I contemplated what might have been had her treatment not worked!  Thankfully it did and according to the statistics I read on the back of the portaloo door at the race for life event yesterday, death from cancer had gone down 20% in the West Midlands so that’s just awesome news and long may that percentage continue to grow, as the posters said “jog on cancer!”

Looks like another BeYOUtiful day, enjoy it even if you are at work and remember to EatGorgeous. xx

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