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Monday, 26 May 2014

Edward Scissorhands I'm NOT!

26th May 2014
“I love my face - when I smile, I smile with all my face, I’ve got wrinkles everywhere, my eyes smile, my mouth smiles and when you smile it makes you feel happy!”  Mom in bathroom 

Today’s quote is from my mom, and that is why I love her to bits!  She’s BeYOUtiful and really has the love the skin you’re in attitude sussed!  Embrace your BeYOUtiful xx

Typing is hurting this morning, I almost cut the tip of my little finger off yesterday whilst slicing potatoes and being a touch typist, I have to say doing a q, a, z or a capital letter really sends a jolt of pain through my little finger this morning – I am a clumsy mare honestly!  Oh I’m also never gonna be a super hero, we’d just finished watching a Batman movie when I decided to cook he got stabbed in the leg and barely flinched, I slice a few mm’s into the tip of my little finger and almost pass out – I’m not joking, my entire body started sweating, I went all giddy and had to sit down then my hands went all tingly and shaky!  Rock hard me – NOT!  It’s okay this morning though, throbbing but ok, I wouldn’t mind but I’d cut the finger next to it the day before also, then when I took the dinner out the oven I burnt my arm, they say it comes in threes don’t they!

Anyway my cooking was successful despite that, although I did boil the potatoes for the recipe for a little too long because I was too busy being a drama queen and almost fainting!  I made Italian Quorn & Mozzarella Bake from the Everyday Favourites cook book, we both finished our plate no problem at all with that dish.  Then I experimented with the left over bread from my fancy fish finger sandwich yesterday, I made a savoury bread pudding, using;
Savoury bread pudding 10pp a portion

200g white bread (13pp),
142ml milk (1pp),
Mustard powder, garlic salt, black pepper
Leftover chargrilled vegetables (frozen from Sainsburys) and cherry tomatoes
40g chorizo (3pp)
40g grated Cathedral city mature lighter cheese (3pp)
1 sundried tomato, snipped into small pieces

Break up bread and soak in milk for half hour or so, then season with mustard powder, garlic salt, black pepper to suit your own taste.  Layer a loaf tin with the leftover veggies and chorizo, top with bread mixture and sprinkle with sundried tomato and cheese.  Cook in oven on gas mark 4 until it looks cooked.

Mine turned out like this and it was tasty!

I do believe there’s sunshine outside this morning, and the forecast on my phone is rainfree till tea time, it’s certainly been a wet weekend but a great excuse to chill out!  Not sure what I’m doing today, there’s lots I could do, some would say should do but it’s Bank Holiday Monday and although I don’t ‘officially’ work on a Monday anyway I feel obliged to treat it like a holiday :-) so we shall see, I’ll go with the flow.

I shall be cooking again today according to my meal planner we’re having swordfish for lunch and Allotment Frittata from Cooking the Weight Watcher Way cookbook, then I can have the leftovers of that for tea tomorrow.  I’ve turned it into a project haven’t I!  I couldn’t help myself, I’ve made a spreadsheet but at least I can reuse these meal plans another week if I want to.  

Right I’m off, want to do an hour of college work before mom wakes!   I do love the silence of a quiet house in the morning.

Oh almost forgot, I stayed the same on the scales this morning, I'm not complaining, time of the month took hold yesterday and for the last 3 days I haven't been 100%, I've let the sweet tooth take hold, but back on it 100% as of today.

Have a great day, whatever you have planned. Xx

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