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Monday, 2 July 2012

Not perfect, but damn good ;-)

2nd July 2012

Wise sayings often fall on barren ground; but a kind word is never thrown away. Sir Arthur Helps

And yet more rain, it’s kind of expected now when I wake up, it’s becoming the norm which isn’t good especially not for July, not good because Monday is my running day and I don’t want to run in the rain, plus my mate Katie was coming round tonight for a walk and this doesn’t make you think “yay”!  At least yesterday wasn’t so bad, there was sunshine!
I spent 4 or 5 hours scrapbooking yesterday, I haven’t done any for such a long time but now I’ve had my office redone I have two desk surfaces so I can leave the crafting stuff out and do a bit as and when, looks untidy but nothing new there in my office is there!  I really enjoyed it and couldn’t believe how quickly the time went, so there’s something I can do to keep me busy over this wet summer!  It’s not going to cost me anything either because I still have so much stuff to use up from when I’ve done it before. 

Meals were quite simple yesterday, we had mushrooms, egg and beans on crumpets for brekkie, chicken salad pitta for lunch and fish and home made oven chips for tea.  The fish at teatime cost me some of my weekly allowance because it had breadcrumbs but it could’ve been a lot worse!  I reckon (no I know!) over the week I’ve used all my 49 weeklies, I’ve used 40 activity ProPoints that I’d earned on my pedometer and from running and I’ve also used 20pp I didn’t have so we shall see how I fair at weigh in this morning.  If I have lost I’ll be really pleased because I’ve eaten really well and up until yesterday I wasn’t even tempted to eat anything else nor snack. 
So what happened yesterday, mmm not sure, I had a craving all day for a cake, unusual because I’m not really a cake fan, so not sure what that was all about.  Even though I had my big breakfast which has been keeping me going till lunchtime no probs, I was peckish by 12 noon and this is where I think I went wrong.  Because I was engrossed in what I was doing (scrapbooking) I didn’t go and make something, I just grabbed some cooked chicken from the fridge and a handful of salad leaves and slapped it in a bowl with a pitta bread, it was food but hardly tasty and enjoyable like most of the stuff I’d eaten this week.  By teatime I wasn’t just hungry, I was fancying something nice because lunch was so bland.  Then my mate sent me a photo of her tea and I was ooo I want that, she’d had fish and chips!  I knew we had 2 pieces in the freezer so I cooked them!  I need to clear my freezer so to speak, might give my sister a call and ask her if she wants the meat that’s in there that’s not filling and healthy, because I know if it doesn’t go I’m going to use the lamb mince instead of fetching turkey mince or roasted vegetables for my lasagne!  Yep my freezer needs cleansing ‘-) because I know another week of Filling and Healthy will do me the world of good.  I also realise even though they are on the Filling & Healthy list, Weight Watchers pitta breads need to not be in my house because they are the easy option and when I go for the easy option, I end up dissatisfied and want something else!

I might have me a cake today and use my weeklies for it; it’s the start of my Weight Watcher week so all allowances reset – PHEW!
It’s good at the end of the week to sit and think about what helped, what hindered, what you’ll repeat and what you won’t be doing again.   It’s important to focus on the positives and see all the things you did right not focus on the negatives.  So my positives this week were, not drinking alcohol 3 of the 7 days, sticking to Filling & Healthy for the entire week, running on Monday, cooking some meals from scratch, going out Friday and not having Subway or MacDonalds when it would’ve been so easy to say sod it.  Yeah I have been more in the zone this week than any other week this year, so my plan is to continue that for another week even though I can feel my mood is different this morning to last Monday morning and I know that is a hormonal thing and I will not be led astray by them, I am going to fill my freezer full of frozen veggies and healthy meats, that way I can’t veer off track if it’s not in the house!

Yeah I’ve just talked myself round, when I sat at this desk 35 minutes ago I felt a bit blah, now I’m ready to take on the world!   You wanna join my army? ;-)

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