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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Good morning gorgeous x

5th July 2012

We become what we repeatedly do. Sean Covey
There’s a hint of blue sky out there this morning, will it last, would be nice to have a dry Thursday, not seen one in a while! 
Someone said to me this week, “it’s a marathon not a sprint”, and two people on different occasions have said something along the lines of, “If you haven’t had a weight problem, you just don’t get it”.   Mmm, I pondered the latter statement and in a lot of cases I think they are right, however it is important to remember people don’t always gain weight for the same reason, some just need a little food education, some gain through injury or child birth then once they’ve shifted it they never struggle again.  The ‘weight problem’ these two were talking about was the majority of people I know, those who ‘just like eating’, ‘just enjoy food’, ‘enjoying socialising & make food/drink a main emphasis of that’, ‘use food as a comfort’, ‘have a bit of an obsession with food’.  Recognise yourself there at all?  Or could you add something I’ve missed because it is 5am and I’m not fully awake yet!

So if you’re in the majority and can relate to those things then I do agree that some people just don’t understand at all how difficult it is to lose weight, to give up something you either love to do or are a addicted or compulsive about.  They can’t put themselves in your head and understand how it works, any more than someone who’s never had depression can understand someone who is suffering from depression.  Luckily there are people out there who try to understand and don’t judge but there are also the ignorant who don’t want to understand and find it much easier to make stupid statements and insult people.   It’s the assumptions that make me laugh (they used to anger me, but I’ve rose about the idiots these days!) the one where if you are overweight then you must be lazy, sitting in front of the tele constantly eating! NOT TRUE, I know lots of overweight people who never sit still, and the rarely watch tv.  And telling someone with food issue to “just don’t eat it”, is like telling a depressive to “cheer up and get on with it”, it really shows peoples ignorance to the whole situation.

Right so back to the “it’s a marathon not a sprint” bit, if you are like me a lover of food, get enjoyment from eating and drinking, and dining out and socialising then this is an important quote to remember, because it reminds us we’re in this for the long haul.  We shall have weeks where we find it easy to stay on track, and then we will have weeks where we just about cope with it all, almost resisting temptation but not 100%, and finally we’ll have sod it weeks where it all goes to pot and we just don’t stay on track at all.  This scenario is still better than giving up, and its most important to not beat yourself up about it, no one responds well to negativity and insults so please don’t be horrible to yourself, there is already a huge population out there that’s only too happy to be horrid for us!
If you have a bad day, if you veer off track, don’t beat yourself up, don’t call yourself names it doesn’t help!  No really, it doesn’t help!  Be gentle with yourself, love and nurture yourself, that will help you get back on track much more than standing looking at yourself in a mirror and calling yourself horrible names.  Everybody responds better to support, love and positivity, than being beaten with a stick and insulted!

To help me stay on track the one thing I find helps more than anything, because lets be honest once you’re in that, “I need food”, or “sod it”, mindframe, it’s really hard to talk yourself out of it, however much you want to lose weight, because right at that moment, the part of your brain that “WANTS” is shouting so loud that the part of you that really needs/wants to lose weight can’t be heard, it’s been gagged!  So the one thing is that I haven’t got the stuff in the house to overindulge on, if you only keep good food in your kitchen you can only eat good food!  
I told you yesterday I’d eaten 4 Thornton chocolates, I was only able to do that because someone bought them for mom as a birthday present (it’s tomorrow and she’s naughty for opening her pressie early), and last night I could’ve easily have gone for another 4, luckily when I went to steal them whilst she was out of the room, they’d gone, she’d already demolished the lot ;-) !  So instead I went to the fridge and had a couple of spoons of cottage cheese, the difference being the cheese was 1pp, then chocs would have been 10pp!

So stock your kitchen full of good stuff, if it helps put a mirror on your fridge so you can look at yourself before you overindulge – it’ll make you think twice looking at yourself (adhesive mirror sheets are available on Amazon!) and most of all ignore all the ignorant haters and remember not to be one yourself – especially towards yourself!
So wonderful people here’s to a day of looking in the mirrors, windows and any reflection you pass and saying “hello gorgeous”. xx


sara pace said...

hi bev its sara from ww this morning and you are an inspiration to many people including me i was wary of coming to ww and this morning i took the plunge and come to your meeting i found all the comments about snacking very helpful and i have had a really good day fingers crossed for me x
i am finding it hard to find your facebook page can you help ??
see you next thursday many thanks sara xx

Bev said...

Search for bev's weight watchers don't forget the apostrophe ;-) xxx luvly to see u