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Monday, 9 July 2012

Busy day...

9th July 2012
Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength.

I had a lovely day yesterday, walked Alfie a couple of times, tidied my office which took an hour, it’s an 8ft square room and here are the before and after photos;


Yes I am a little untidy at times aren’t I!  Once I’d done the tidying, I made a mess again because I spent a few hours scrapbooking, it always amazes me how quickly the time goes when I’m doing a bit of crafting. 

Here is my finished layout;

 My mate Katie text me whilst I was out with Alfie to ask if I wanted to go for a walk and I have to admit my immediate reaction was ‘no, it’s too much effort, I’m already out with Alfie and its going to rain”, but I made myself say yes and I’m so glad I did because we had two lovely hours walking through the fields having a laugh and catching up with the latest gossip.  It was a bit muddy in places though which didn’t impress our Katie at all, but it did make me laugh lots, because she screams, and it’s not a quiet squeak, you’d have thought she was being attacked or about to drown if you could have heard her when she was trying to get over this muddy section – absolutely hilarious, if this photo had sound, you’d hear her screams and my uncontrollable giggles!

We’ve both agreed if the weathers dry next Sunday we’ll go walk up the Wrekin or somewhere similar because we really do enjoy it and although this never even crossed my mind at the time, I’ve just looked on my Weight Watcher esource and 2 hours rambling would have earned me 9 activity ProPoints!  So win-win, plus after eating my breakfast of egg, crumpets, mushrooms, tomatoes and spring onions for 9pp, I didn’t think about food until we were almost back from our walk about 5.30pm, when we had the other two dinners that I’d made the day before, delicious.

What a difference a day makes, a bit of sunshine can change your mood and energy levels enormously, I’m starting my work week smiling and full of energy, and I know that I will giggle regularly throughout the day at the image in my mind of Katie trying to walk a thin wire fence to try and not fall in the mud ;-)

Happy Monday everyone –it can be if you make it so. xx

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