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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Need a nice salad (never thought I'd say that!)

19th July 2012
When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry, a hundred.Thomas Jefferson
Yesterday was a very busy day again, up at 5 to get house and paperwork done, walk dog, had to be at hospital at 8.30 before going to work, then same all over again paperwork, dog, doctors etc!  Not much time left for eating so my diet yesterday wasn’t great it looked like this;
Breakfast – toasted teacake mom had left
Lunch – chicken curry & rice (premade day before)
Tea – ½ pizza mom had left
Snack – banana, new WW oat bar (mmm nice, golden syrup flavour) and a Vienesse Whirl
That isn’t good at all!  Note the lack of wine on the list, yep I was so busy I forgot to shop for wine, to be honest I haven’t shopped for anything let alone wine, and I’m not going to get time today either with 5 meetings and tomorrow I’ve got a training day in Burton on Trent – great joy, so it’ll be Saturday now, I can always run in the Petrol garage shop for bits, think I’ll need petrol anyway today.
Mom say the physio yesterday morning and he was really lovely, assured her the pain would ease over time if she continued to do her exercises, it’s the muscle that’s gone into spasm and he was very impressed with her hip mobility for a 74 year old!  So that’s good and I have to say I was really surprised when our GP called at 9pm last night to ask me how she was and if the medication was working – you can’t fault that.  I live opposite that surgery and see him arrive and leave, he works very long hours.
I just wished my lurgy would sod off, I’ve got enough to do at the moment without having a stinking rotten head cold, I always know I’m poorly when it’s the alarm clock that wakes me, I’m usually up and out well before that goes off!  I thought it was the Night Nurse doing it, so I didn’t take any last night but nope it wasn’t I could’ve slept in again today.
On the bright side, my kitchen is still tidy and my ironing is almost complete, I haven’t done any for over a month so its like having a new wardrobe ;)
Not being able to have tea and coffee in my meetings has helped me drink more water for sure, so that’s another bonus, not to mention having 2 less boxes to carry about all the time.
See you gotta count your blessings, I have fabulous friends who’ve offered to help, I feel very fortunate to know their there should I need them.  I was thinking of asking them all to come round and go through my house from top to bottom whilst me and mom went for a drive, but then I thought that maybe wasn’t what they meant!
Hey ho, I’m off for a shower, this weather so muggy, I need to cool down before I take Alfie for a walk, if I get ready for work and load the car etc then whatever times left Alfie can be walked for, it’s a bit of a rush on a Thursday morning anyways.
Hence the short blog, have a fab day everyone, remember count your blessings, you will have many xx

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