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Sunday, 26 July 2020

Pleased as punch this morning

Sunday 25th July 2020
When things change inside you, things change around you.

Yay, I've had sleep, only one interruption but she has a new way of doing that, instead of calling me, she's started walking into my bedroom as she did around 4am this morning and turning my light on, saying, 'I thought you were awake!', if I didn't laugh I'd cry. When I did get out of bed and open my blinds, there were 3 foxes in the close playing, a lovely start to my day.

Not gonna dwell on yesterday, there were a few highlights, the Goulash from Marlie's Menu was delicious, I had some lovely fresh air with Alfie on our walk, we got wet but it was good and there was thunder, I loves a bit of a storm.  I got to have a 5 minute chat with Julie on the drive, it was so good to see her, makes me realise how many people I haven't seen for the past 4 months! 

This week's workshop topic starts today and it's all about the food, and what happens in your body when you eat healthier.  I'm interested to hear from members on this one and whether they're all about the points or if they think about what food actually does to our bodies.  Yes I think this What Happens In Our Bodies series we're doing this Summer is excellent and I'm enjoying it as much as the members.

NOW what you don't know is between that last sentence and this, I just went to check my email because I've been waiting for my results for my Eating Psychology diploma, this one was very important to me and I'm absolutely over the moon to say I've finally received the email and I've passed WOO HOO, that's made my day, I think I'll celebrate with eggs on toast and a mug of tea ;) 

150 hours well spent if I do say so myself!  I won't lie I had a bit of a wobble yesterday afternoon, felt myself getting a little emotional over my situation, mom was being difficult, I wanted to do things and couldn't because of that.  Yes it's helping that I'm putting my 'work' head on when mom is behaving difficult and I'm finding being 'professional' about things is really helping but that means I'm in 'work mode' almost all the time and that's not easy.  I sat in my chair and did some deep breathing and it really helped, after talking stress all last week I thought about the different ideas that had come up.  I did the 5-4-3-2-1 technique and then I did a bit of self talk, that went something like this; 

"I do have a future  & I will spend this time preparing for it rather than being disappointed with how things are right now."

This course is proof although it may not be easy, I can find the time to do things, I just need to work in different ways!  I can't do anything dramatic or quickly but that's okay, I'm working on my future, I'm 50 not dead!  

If there's anything you've ever wanted to do, if you have the ability, do it!  Don't put things off, if this pandemic has shown us anything, it really is that life is too short! 

Right, I'm off to make my eggs and I'm smiling, today is a new day, here's hoping mom has a good one, we have the Voice Kids to watch and she usually enjoys that, I've taped Ninja Warriors too so maybe she'll enjoy that again this week, here's hoping :) 

Let's make the most of every day, 

mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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