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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

All is calm...

28th July 2020 
The way you speak to yourself matters

Well I haven't done my yoga yet and that's the first time since April that it isn't the first thing I do before my blog, but I'm going to do it, I'm just having half hour with mom, she's lucid and we're talking about her diet and how it's not helping her sleeping patterns or her health and I know she won't remember it all but if I can get a little nugget or two to stick that's good enough.  

Elle and I went to do a couple of risk assessments yesterday, it was good to be out of the house and doing something different, I've sent the forms for Bloxwich and Bushbury so hopefully we can get back in them asap, Bloxwich is looking like August 6 and I think Bushbury will be August 15th but obviously I'm waiting for that final confirmation.  Once Bloxwich is happy with the risk assessment I've sent them, I can chase up Willenhall as that's a Methodist Church also.  Then there's just Ashmore, which I watch do their service in the car park each week at the moment so I'm not hopeful but we can ask again.  

Our afternoon was quiet, I spent it typing up the risk assessments, I can't even remember if we watched anything on tele, it was just noise in the background for me, I'd hit the tired tree by about 5 and was good for nothing, I managed to get mom to agree to go to bed about 8 and once I'd got her settled I got myself a few hours till some morons woke me up at midnight making a noise in the street, I didn't bother to get up just lay there hoping they'd sod off and I could snooze back off.  They'd disturbed mom so she then spent some time moving about, bless her she left me till about half four so I've slept which is good.

I've got a lovely healthy shop coming today and I think mom will at least eat something decent now we've had this chat, how long that will last we shall see.  She likes soft food like cottage pie and fish pie, fish fingers and fruit toast so that's a good start, I might have a cottage pie in the freezer, I will check what I've got and plan our day.  I can sneak veggies in cottage and fish pie, it's like having a kid ain't it.  Actually I can work with that!  I found a recipe the other day that she might like. 

https://www.instrupix.com/low-carb-crispy-broccoli-cheese-rounds/ I'd play with the ingredients, maybe use parmesan cheese and not as much to keep the calories down, could add some fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs to add some fibre - see thinking about the ingredients and the effect they have on the body, that'll be the result of this weeks workshop topic.  

Yeah let's get our healthy on, think about the effects some foods have on our bodies, whether its good or bad, start to notice how you feel after you eat certain foods, maybe start a food / mood diary.  It doesn't have to be loads of information, if you use a WW journal you could just add an smiley face or a sad face etc, or if you use the app, an easy way to track your mood in your food is to use the quick add like this and pretend its a zero food;

The trick is to make it easy so you can see how certain foods are affecting you and how you feel could be affecting your food choices.  It can be a vicious cycle.

Anyway I want to fit in a little bit of yoga and meditation before I do this mornings virtual workshop, hope to see some of you, 8.30 Wolverhampton group. 

Here's to a great day, mwah, 

luv ya, 

Love me xx

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