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Saturday, 6 July 2019

She survived another year

Saturday 6th July 2019
if you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it.

Well yesterday was a good day, relaxed and unrushed, time spent at home with mom, just lovely.  It's her birthday today, I'm working this morning and have a few hours to spend at the Ashmore Park Fun Day (you're all welcome to come see me, once I'm done there, the rest of the day will be all about mom.

This was what I ate yesterday, a tub of vegetable couscous for 9SP with eggs, 
it was a bit random but it worked.

I walked to my massage and back again, I was early when I got there so I walked round for a bit to add to my steps
This walk earned me 12FP! 

This one 7FP!

Plus I enjoyed them both, I even came home and did 25 minutes of yoga with my ltfitness.net on demand workouts, it's not just about making activity a habit, it's about taking the opportunity to move more when possible.  

I hard boiled 6 eggs to make scotch eggs too, it might have helped if I'd checked to see how many breadcrumbs I'd had first!  I ended up using panko breadcrumbs on two, it worked out ok though.  Then I hadn't got enough sausage meat so only covered 3 egg, Alfie was glad, he loves the yolk.  Can you believe the double yolkers were in there, I was gutted hard boiled yolk is a waste of yolk in my opinion, although Alfie ate em all gladly. 

I had one with salad leaves and baby beetroot, really filling, Alfie ate that yolk too! I ate the whites from the other three eggs.

 I then succumbed to 2 chocolate biscuits before having an early night at nine.  Couldn't believe it was morning just either so I've slept well.

I spent my wellness wins yesterday too, mom wanted the progress pouch, I'd got my eye on that but it'll make her happy so it's worth it for sure.  She loves the purple glasses case my sister got her, was tempted to get her another one of them for her money and pens as it's big enough but she opted for the pouch.

Anyway, I need to go wish her Happy Birthday and give her a love, make her a cuppa and sort her medication, 81 today!  Have a great day, see some of you this morning xx

Luv ya, mwah

Love me

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