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Sunday, 21 July 2019

late this morning...

Sunday 21st July 2019
when you learn how much you're worth, you'll stop giving people discounts.

I just read that quote to my mom and she said, "well I'm priceless!" and everyone can learn from that, realise your worth and start taking care of yourself.

I'm late this morning didn't get up till almost 6, then took Alfie straight out but sadly my ankles still not right so no walking today and I shall mostly be sitting with my feet up, enjoying some time with mom and my crochet, I do love this rock and roll life of mine.

I finished my first batch of wool yesterday from last weeks shopping trip, I didn't have enough for the last 8 rounds of the pattern so am thinking about whether to put a solid colour round as an edging, no rush to decide, don't even know where it's going to end up as I don't need another lap blanket ;)

Food wise was all about cheese and onion pie, my sisters which is delicious and had to be eaten, today won't be much better as I'm trying to recreate the cheese and onion concoction I remember in my head from somewhere in my childhood, but instead of pastry I'll use sliced potatoes, mom fancies it too so bonus.

Yesterday's workshop included chat about loving all of our body but then we went on to talking about how you get back on it when you really aren't in the right head space.  It's so difficult because it's a vicious cycle, you eat rubbish, so you have no energy which leaves you feeling low and rubbish and then you can't be bothered to cook so eat more rubbish and so on.  It's important to try and break the cycle and that can only be done slowly, one thing at a time.  Advice from members were, plan, shop well, prep, the thing is only you can do it, only you know what works for you and how to get out of that hole.  For me, it actually starts with addressing the problems in my life that are causing me to fall off plan, if those problems are solvable, I work at finding a way, if they're not I accept that and accept that overeating and not taking care f myself isn't going to help my situation in any way!

Anyway, I have a pan of onions frying on low that I need to go and sort, yes I've already been productive this morning, I've baked the oaty bites using the WW porridge, banana and egg, I had 3 bananas on the turn so decided that was a great way to use them up.  My spuds are boiled my onions almost ready, my belly is excited for later, here's to an enjoyable day and not doing too much damage to my weight loss success so far.

Whatever you're up to - enjoy!

luv ya, mwah

Love me xx

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