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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Off for walk No2

Sunday 16th June 2019
People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.

Just a quick blog this morning as I'm in-between walks, I've just got back from walking Alfie and I'm off to meet my brother in half hour for our canal walk, we're starting at Rough Wood this morning.

Yesterday was a good day with mom, she was much better than she has been all week, still a little stroppy but manageable.  We watched a lovely film with Kevin Hart, Brian Cranston and Nicole Kidman, called The Upside and based on a true story, well worth a watch. I got in with my Amazon for £1.99, worth it for a good couple of hours of entertainment.

Foodwise, I was pretty dull, breakfast egg and bacon medallions on toast with mushrooms, my main meal was a savoury mince concoction I'd defrosted, mash, peas and sweetcorn, then I snacked on Broghies later with my wine.  I will continue this week to try and include different foods into my list. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be using lots of new foods as I'm giving Lorraine a cooking lesson live on Facebook and we're cooking 2 or maybe 3 vegan dishes depending on time and how bad she really is!  She can just watch me if need be lol.

It's lovely to wake up to a dry day with sunshine, even if it's not forecast to last all day.  We've had a disturbed night thanks to Alfie barking at the foxes at midnight, then again at 2am when I decided to kidnap him and throw him on my bed - he can't get off my bed so he was trapped till morning and settled, but I had an awful nightmare about him dying ;( I won't bore you with the details.

I hope you've got something to look forward to today, if anyone can recommend any funny and/or uplifting films or programmes to watch that aren't too difficult to follow that would be appreciated, I think I have watched every CSI / Criminal Minds / Without a Trace / Law & Order episode out there and she can watch them over and over again, they may be new to her, but they're not to me!

Anyway, I'm off to escape for a couple of hours, not as far as last week, we've got our duck seed at the ready, I even have some meal worms for the duckling.  We lead such rock and roll lifestyles, you know what, I love it, love not having drama in my life, well other than the drama my mom causes.

You can't beat a quiet, calm life, I look forward to having one back one day lol.

Here's to a great day, I'm thinking meatballs and spaghetti today, might even do a live in my group, that'll occupy an hour.

Mwah, catch ya tomorrow.

Food list since Sunday 9th June

Bacon medallions 
Baked Beans
Beef mince 
Belvita biscuit
Bread pudding
Butternut squash
Cheese triangles
Chilli Con Carne 
Chocolate biscuit - 1 honest 
Chocolate brownie
Fish in batter
Green beans
Greek yogurt
Kidney Beans
Lemon drizzle cake
Low fat pork sausage
Parma ham
Porridge - WW stuff 
Peppers - green & yellow 
Seafood sticks 
Spring onions 
Streaky bacon
Sweet Freedom syrup 
Tomatoes - canned & cherry

Wholemeal bread

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