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Thursday, 27 June 2019

And reset...

Thursday 27th June 2019
You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

So I gained yesterday, a pound and despite my face in that photo, I was completely okay with my result because I'm in this for the long haul and I knew I hadn't been great last week, there was the day I found a bag of broken brownies and dipped a piece in the butter dish every time I went in the kitchen (I went in a lot that day!), there was the lager I found which was out of date so I felt needed drinking - it doesn't btw, I wouldn't eat a can of beans just because of the use by date so I won't be drinking the rest of the lager, I've given a couple of cases to my brother and will offer some to my sister for my brother in law today.  A few cans of lager for the sake of it are not worse the weight gain.  

Once I'd been weighed and sat in my workshop, I decided that this week I would work on tracking and drinking more water, already done half pint this morning.  I ate my breakfast at the workshop, one of the scotch eggs I made, then when I got back I knocked this together,

 There was enough to feed me and my helpers last night, this was mine and I couldn't empty the plate, it was so filling.  I'd used 5% beef mince and added green lentils, veggies, tin tomatoes and oxo.

For my tea I enjoyed a delicious Harj's special, I halved what she'd given me where I would usually eat the lot regardless!   

Then I enjoyed my last packet of WW Fava beans for 2SP.  My day ended at 30SP, I'm happy with that as I earned 13SP, over 15k steps and my 20 minutes on demand workout with ltfitness.net, I'm actually enjoying doing them, I'd do them every morning I think if I had the time, but it's impossible on a Tues, Thurs or Sat unless I start getting up at 4am and that's not happening.  I suppose I could consider doing them in the afternoon between workshops if I had the time, mmm, I could do that on a Tuesday I reckon and a Saturday, defo a Sunday, so maybe I'll have a go, Thursday could be my rest day as there's not much chance of fitting anything else in.  I know I'd have to get changed but even that and a quick shower would only add another 15 mins wouldn't it.  Can you tell I'm thinking out loud again, my computer is my sounding board and you get to read the drivel that goes through my brain.  I miss being about to have these conversations with mom, but I can't because I sometimes get the strangest responses, she could respond to that one with 'Why bother' and then I'd get frustrated so we won't, I'll stick with chatting to my very old but faithful Apple Mac that was very kindly given to me a few years back. 

Right so I'm on track again, I actually reset my app to start from yesterday, it usually resets on a Monday but I decided I wanted to draw a proper line.  I'm out for lunch Friday but I can stay on track even with that, I'm not sure where we're going, I've got a fancy for Nando's in my head for some reason, although why I don't know because I've always said it's just expensive chicken!  I've also seen this place on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lovecigno/ and like their ethos (I think that's the write word I'm looking for, another joy of menopause you lose the power of your brain and words escape you).  If you have any recommendations, let me know. 

What else have I got to tell you?   I don't know, I do know I need to get my day decided.  I have a few strawberries about to die in the fridge so I'm going to mix them with some 0% Greek yogurt for breakfast, I have a scotch egg left too, I've loved them, but I'm thinking of experimenting and taking them to the next level, turkey or chicken mince with my own herbs/spices in would remove a point, I'd only have to point the breadcrumbs, worth a try.  Ooo curry flavoured scotch eggs ;) I've seen a couple of recipes where instead of sausage meat they've used fish, but both used prawns and I'm allergic.

Now the other meals, I'm going to have potato waffles I think for my dinner, or I have some gnocchi left or egg noodles, so I have a chicken breast I've defrosted, I could stir fry that with a little chorizo and have with either the noodles or gnocchi.  I'll see how I feel, but I have options, I just know I need my evening meal planned and hopefully prepped before I get home! 

Okay, I'm off to get ready for my Bloxwich babes, oh talking about Bloxwich babes, I almost forgot, we talked about strength training about a month ago in my workshops and resistance bands were discussed, I'm so proud to say quite a few members bought them and have been using them.  Four of my BeYOUtiful ladies decided to treat themselves and had a group session with the lovely Lorraine to show them how to use them without doing themselves any damage as they're more mature ladies and here's the result https://www.facebook.com/100009012382986/videos/2225739324403125/?id=100009012382986 I'm so proud of them for taking their health and happiness into their own hands - let's all join them and do the same shall we, we are in control of our own destinies. xx


Luv ya

Love me xx

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