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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Over 16st shed on my scales already this week!

23rd November 2017
You don’t have to wait till January to make changes!
I woke up feeling rough as yesterday, just your everyday run of the mill head cold and sore throat rearing its ugly head!  I sat at my desk feeling sorry for myself but Alfie was having none of that, after throwing my toys out the pram I decided I needed to go to my happy place, so a trip to Waitrose it was and as Penn Road Butchers isn’t far from there, I popped in there too as I wanted to test his flavoured sausage, came back with chicken breasts and lemon and herb sausages. 
This is what happens when I take time for what’s important to me! 4sp per portion - Chicken breasts stuffed with chorizo, protein cheese, olives & sundried tomatoes on a bed of roasted veg & garlic.
These are the ingredients I used;
Roasted vegetables – garlic, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers

4 chicken breasts, Protein cheese 3sp, 20 black olives 2sp, Sundried tomatoes 1sp, Chorizo 5sp, Oil 4sp

I did cook the veggies for a bit before adding the stuffed chicken, must say the garlic wasn’t cooked enough but the rest was lush and I’ll use the garlic in my slow cooker today so they won’t be wasted and the flavour from them still made its way onto the chicken. The chicken breasts are the 10 for £12 ones and they are really big and filling. 

I then set about my next creation, I wasn’t feeling well enough to do anything much but cooking comes automatically and without thought and I find it quite therapeutic.  Carol (my helper) had got me a bag of Orzo to try, never had it before so I decided to use that and the sausages as meatballs.    I pan fried some diced chorizo (4sp) onions, carrots and garlic then added diced mushrooms and olives, the put in 360g of orzo (32sp) and covered with stock, I used a chicken and a vegetable stock pot (4sp).  I made meatballs out of the sausages and cooked them separately as I wanted them crispy on the outside and this was how it turned out.  Really tasty, mom loved her small portion, I had the orzo concoction with my chicken breast for my tea.  I’d already tasted enough of the lemon and herb balls whilst at the meeting last night as I took testers. 
I’m going to make use of my slow cooker today, will show you how it worked out tomorrow or later on instagram and Facebook.    It’ll be worth finding five or ten minutes this morning to come home to a tasty lunch.

Well after taking night nurse last night and gargling with my Difflam oral rinse in the night (both kept in my bathroom ready for such a eventuality), I feel a bit better this morning than I expected too which is great when I have five meetings ahead of me.  I was again pleased with the results from last night’s meetings, 49.5 in the first and 36 in the second, those that had embraced Flex had done fab, a couple had maintained and there was a couple that were cautious of it because they enjoy ready meals for quickness and because they don’t want to cook and it helps them not think about food.  This is something we’re going to look at, change isn’t instant for everyone, the one lady was going to batch cook some ready meals of her own and I’m going to work with the other lady to find solutions.  This is a great example of how we are all so different.  I heard again last night, I’m worried to get on the scales because I can’t see how it has worked, I’ve eaten so well and then they’d lost 3lb!  Another line I’ve heard a lot is, “eating eggs for breakfast has kept me fuller so much longer”, then there’s the “I haven’t wanted to snack this week”.  My favourite line though is most definitely, “I love FLEX, it’s just the change I needed” because I know that means I’m going to have lots of happy losers in my meetings ;)

Already this week my members have lost over 16 stone and I’m only half way through my meetings, how fab is that!   I don’t know about you but I want some of that success which is why I’m going to make Thursday truly terrific!  You up for that BeYOUtiful? 

I almost forgot to tell ya (cos this is the most important thing from yesterday!) I only got the yolk perfect on my poached eggs, pleased as punch as was, see how good it is when you simplify your life, when the highlights become something so simple, the other thing that made me truly smile was mom telling me her dinner was delicious and Susan posting about the stuffed chicken I’d given her “Well Beverley Longsden that chicken was absolutely bloody beautiful!” I love it when people enjoy my cooking.   That’s me smiling now and off to get ready for work.

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