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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Let's talk about Flex baby!

14th November  2017
The best thing you can ever do is believe in you!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…  It’s time for me to share FLEX with my members, I was awake at 4.15 this morning but not because of hormones because I woke up with all things FLEX going round in my head, it’s gonna be fabulous.

I did my first day on it yesterday, I wasn’t even hungry by the time I got from work at half nine, so I shared an M&S pizza with Lynne and had me a medium glass of wine – yep I did say medium, not large, I even had 5 points left, check me out, 3 meals, glass of wine and 5 points left.  Day one in the bag, these are my meals from yesterday.

Let the Flex begin, day 1, meal 1 - 2 slices bread, scrambled egg with spring onions, mushroom & tomatoes with a bit of protein cheese = tasty

Day 1, meal 2 – I love sardines and they’re so good for you too, they’re cheap, sustainable and delicious, not to mention full of calcium and healthy omega-3 fats – don’t knock em till you’ve tried em! I enjoyed them with olives on toast a little ketchup & hard-boiled egg.

Day 1, meal 3 – I wasn’t hungry so had big slice of M&S pizza (6sp) with a glass of wine (4sp) to finish my day

In addition to making a change to my meals yesterday, I changed my drinking, only one mug of tea all day and one can of diet coke, lots and lots of water, I’m ready to get healthy again and Flex is going to help me do it.  Have I mentioned I’m excited to tell my members how Smart Points has just got easier to follow?  Flex really is our most flexible programme ever with more choice and more freedom!

Anyway, back to yesterday, great to see a new coach last night tell her members about Flex, it went down well there so if I hadn’t already been confident about telling everyone, I would’ve been after last night’s meeting.  It took me back to when I started as a coach (leader then), how times have changed, we have ipads and technology, we’ve got the app (7 years almost since that arrived), but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that coach that stands at the scales and at the front of the meeting and supports those members.  They can’t be replaced by technology because there’s nothing quite like that human contact, that understanding, the meeting room is where the magic happens. 

I watched a member last night go from “I don’t like this, I’m going to stick to what I’ve been doing” to half hour later saying “I love it, I can have __ and eat more __ and I think it’s going to be great”.  What happened in that short time?  She listened to the coach and the other members, took in all the info, got over her initial fear of change – not maybe people like change – and left embracing the idea.

Anyway, I need to move myself, I’ve got lots and lots of new programme material and stock to put in my car, I need to have me a little breakfast first.  Bring it on!

You ready for change BeYOUtiful – I know I am!

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