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Friday, 10 November 2017


10th November 2017
Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day!  Better than eating dust ;)

OUCH, that’s all I’m saying about the scales, it all got ugly when I stepped on them last night, 3lb on, which means over the last 6 weeks I’ve regained 5lb – needs to stop now don’t it that!

I have enjoyed not having to think about any of it though if I’m honest, plus there’s rumblings of changes in the Weight Watcher world https://www.facebook.com/weightwatchersuk/videos/1495951723773774/ so I’ll restart when I announce them in my meetings next week and we can all get on it together and be successful in the run up to Christmas. 

My grey peas are an epic batch I have to say, but there’s too many of them, I need to try and get a couple of tubs in the freezer for another day.  The beer recipe from yesterday ain’t worth doing by the way, it’s a waste of a good bottle of beer if I’m honest.

I know I’m not going to be on track over this weekend, I will however draw a line either Sunday or Monday and get focused, I feel ready now, just a bit of niceness left to have, some quality time to spend with my mom and then I’m on it.  Normally I have a week off at Christmas but I’m not this year so the damage won’t be as bad as it usually is.

The one thing I do like about where I am right now is I’m not stressing about it, my body will tell me when it’s had enough and I need to stop messing about.  I’ll do a good healthy shop and get my WWer on, pinky promise J

My fridge is virtually empty, my bread bin has week old bread in it, I really do need to get sorted, maybe a walk round the supermarket rather than doing it online, so I can see all the delicious fresh ingredients.  Yeah I like that idea, I’m thinking lots of fruit and veggies, wonder if I can convince mom to come for a drive, I’m sure they do wheelchairs in Sainsbury’s we could borrow one and play rebels whizzing her round there! 

Anyway, I do have quite a lot to get through this morning, work stuff, need to make sure I’m ready for you lot next week – exciting ain’t it.  I’d tell ya but it’s a secret and if I did I’d have to kill ya! And we don’t want that do we because then I’d be in a cell and who would look after my mom and my meetings, no you can all wait till next week, it’s worth it I promise.

Right enough of this, time to get to it.  Here’s to a cracking good day BeYOUtiful, remember to smile. xx

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