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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Flex gets off to a positive start!

15th November 2017
Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

WOW!  Yesterday was amazing, full room morning and night all ready to embrace Flex, a few uncertainties, a little caution but overall a great big “YES, let’s do this!” I particularly loved the message I received after the meetings, one said;

"I’m not gonna lie I sh&t myself when I saw new plan but read the gumph, planned most of my meals & I can see a full size double decker being consumed"

Flex makes Smart Points liveable, that’s for sure, the clues in the name FLEXible, my sister has already lost half a stone already on it and my helper Angie 3.5lb (yes they had it a week early). That's a positive sign for sure.

I managed another day on track, even had points for a nice glass of wine, I’m gonna be honest I used a couple of my weeklies and had a second glass, no early morning today so I’m okay, no wine tonight to balance it out ready for my busy full on Thursday.

For breakfast yesterday I had an egg white sandwich, only because Alfie ate my egg yolks, he’s not great at eating so when he shows interest in something that’s good for him, I let him have it.  For lunch I had a chicken dinner made from the Sunday leftovers, that was lush, then last night I had salmon and butternut squash squaffles, I really enjoyed that.  If you use instagram, all my meals get posted on there https://www.instagram.com/bev_ww/

I’ve just took some turkey steaks out of the freezer, they’ve been there a while so need using up, I think I bought them because they were a whoopsie in the co-op.  What to make with them, looking will give me some ideas of what to do with leftover turkey at Christmas if we have one.

This recipe http://www.eatwell101.com/slow-cooked-turkey-leg-recipe looks good, might do something similar in the slow cooker.

Then of course I could just through them into a curry sauce for quickness or roll them up and stuff with some cream cheese of some sort.  Ooo I love that idea and sundried tomatoes, spinach, spring onions nom nom.  So much to eat, so little time ;)

Right back to reality, I’ve got to wait for them to defrost first, I think I’m gonna get tomorrows dinner sorted too, a stew maybe, I’ve spotted stew beef in the freezer so if I take that out, I’m thinking slow cooker beef and veggies, just leave it on all day then I won’t have to stress about tea or maybe slow cooker chicken stew.  Whatever I do, it’ll be in the slow cooker, ooo unless I make a chicken casserole in the oven today ready for tomorrow, oh ma’an I’m making myself hungry.

I want to play in the kitchen this morning now, if I get a wriggle on I might have time, moms got the dentist today and I’ve got meetings later to get ready for, all my paperwork from yesterday, I can fit in an hour in the kitchen I’m sure.  I need a couple of days to sort this mess that is my house out for sure.  It’s full of kids toys for yum tums, I need to have a bit of a clear as I’m having the floors done downstairs soon, going to order the tiles today.

Right, stop talking – start doing, here’s to day 3 for me, whether you’ve started Flex or not, remember Weight Watchers has always worked another few days won’t make any difference and I’ll see you in your meeting.

Have a good one BeYOUtiful. x

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