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Friday, 3 November 2017

Here's to the weekend!

3rd November 2017
You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but where’s the joy in living your whole life on the ground?

A little tired this morning, but worth it.  We didn’t go to bed till 11pm, my brother and his wife arrived about half eight, after an awful drive up from the airport – it took longer from London to Wolverhampton than it did from Corfu to England!   We had a few hours of catching up and laughter before I finally had to admit defeat and go to bed as I’m covering a meeting for another coach this morning, so need to be out early.

Well last Thursday my bestie returned to my meeting as a member and she got weighed of course but I decided to make it my weigh in too and got weighed with her, would you believe I managed a maintain this week despite eating for 3!  I’m relieved I have to say, now to try and not do too much damage over the weekend but I’m not going to stress about it, I will enjoy having my family here and worry about it later.  My brothers going to cook for me – that’ll be worth a gain!

It’s a bit nippy this morning and I can’t put the heating on because I’ll wake everyone up and I don’t want to do that, this house will be loud soon enough, you don’t understand how loud it will be, when you put more than 2 Longsdens in a room together, oh it’s so loud, we need a talking stick as we all get excitable and try to talk at the same time.   

Well my blog yesterday about eating for 3, me, the wild boar and the truffle pig seemed to ring true for quite a few, there were a lot relating to this tale of greed and I’m glad to say on the back of it, a few of you returned to the fold.  I’ve loved my meetings this week, we have had a few smiles but the smile of the week goes to my lovely last Thursday meeting and the very innocent but wonderful member who when asked by her colleague at work if she’d had eaten kidneys, she replied ‘no but I’ve eaten the beans that come from it!”  You’ve got to love that!

I’ve had some amazing donations this week for Yum Tums, including two bin bags of gifts from the shop on Bloxwich High Treat called “WOW, that’s a bargain”, make sure you support your local store and have a pop in and a mooch at their goodies on offer there.  Then a huge thank you to Penn Road Butchers, not only did he donate a huge turkey crown, he sold me the other 3 at cost price – how fab is that, they look amazing too!  Please do support his business, he’s done so much for my members this year by making special ‘Weight Watcher’ friendly stuff including burgers and chicken sausages made from breast meat.  He’s also been generous with my various charity events.  He will deliver, free if it’s local but I also know he’s able to deliver far and wide now as he has those special storage boxes that keep things fresh for up to 72hrs whilst in the post.  At the bottom of this blog is Smart Points info on some of the things he sells, he also always does offers on his healthy meats, so check out his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Penn-Road-Butchers-1570997599797501/ 

This is his latest offer 

Winter packs
Kilo of Stewing beef
Kilo of Braising steak
Kilo of diced chicken/ fillets
Kilo of Turkey steaks/ diced Gammon joint And 2 FREE Gammon Steaks Was £46 Now only £35 Another great deal at Penn road butchers Ask about our delivery service Local or can be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK (Message him for details)
Anyway enough of the free advert!  I need to get my backside in gear, I have a busy day, two meetings and family in the house! 

Here’s to the best weekend ever, bless my sister-in-law last night as we were all going to bed she said, “I’ll clear this Chinese up in the morning will you be able to get your breakfast with it in your way?”, to which my brother said, “Our Bev, are you joking, I call her Stig of the Dump, she’ll be eating that for breakfast never mind working round it!”  Mmm, now what to have for breakfast ;)  See ya lol xx

Penn Road Butchers

Sells fresh, healthy meats such as chicken, steak, pork loin you point as normal.

Chicken curry 3sp a tray
Donor burgers (125g) 3sp
Mexican burgers (125g) 3sp
Chicken burgers (125g) 1sp

Low fat pork sausages are made with lean pork and a little rusk so I would point as reduced fat pork sausages as per the app which is 2sp each, 4sp per 100g 

Chicken sausages are made with chicken breast and a small amount of rusk, so I guestimate 6sp per pound more than covers it.

If you ask him he can make Gluten free chicken sausages.

You can choose any lean fresh meat, he cuts the fat off, then coats with the flavour of your choice.

Chicken breast / pieces (1lb or 450g) = 4sp
Beef mince 5% (1lb or 450g) = 11sp
Beef rump steak (1lb or 450g) = 10sp
Beef stewing steak, lean) (1lb or 450g) = 8sp
Pork loin, 1 steak (125g) = 5sp

He uses 30g marinade per 1 pound of meat.

Chinese 30g = 3sp  (11sp per 100g)
Garlic 30g = 4sp  (15sp per 100g)
Lemon Pepper 30g = 4sp  (12sp per 100g)
Pepper Steak 30g = 3sp (10sp per 100g)
Cajun 30g = 4sp  (12sp per 100g)
Tandoori 30g = 4sp  (12sp per 100g)
Mint 30g = 5sp  (17sp per 100g)
Tikka Masala 30g = 5sp  (16sp per 100g)
BBQ 30g = 6sp (19sp per 100g)
Piri Piri 30g = 4sp (14sp per 100g)

So you add the SP for the meat of your choice to the SP of the marinade and that gives you the total.

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