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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Incredible results at the scales yesterday!

22nd November 2017
Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.

WOW WOW WOW, what awesome results at the scales yesterday, a total of 142lb
88lb on the night, 54lb at the morning meeting, just incredible and such positive feedback, I loved it.  I’m not going pretend everyone lost weight yesterday, they didn’t but those that didn’t either knew why they hadn’t and the 3 or 4 that expected to lose and didn’t weirdly hadn’t used their weekly allowance, not that I’m saying that’s the reason but it was interesting, plus I’m sure the results will show next week. 

We enjoyed talking about what we’d eaten and what we enjoyed, one common theme was what can I do and how do I cook the zero plant based proteins such as chick peas, beans and lentils so that’s our mission to find ways of making them taste damn good.  I’m going to admit to suggesting those (including myself) that say they don’t like them to learn to because they’re an excellent food source, cheap and full of goodness, particularly important for vegetarians.  This is when we have to think about flavours, what flavours we enjoy the taste of rather than the foods.  I enjoy garlic, cumin, mild curry flavours for starters, I also love mint and lemon, now to work out how I can flavour those beans with these flavours.

Putting lentils in a cottage pie is a great way to start, so you could use turkey breast mince and lentils at first to ease you in gently, both zero foods, you can google and find lots of recipes that include lots of ingredients, or you can just make it like you’ve always made it and substitute the beef or lamb mince for any combination of turkey breast mince, lentils and mushrooms, I keep mine really simple and am guilty of either using a packet mix or just oxo cubes to make the mince mixture tasty, I love a beef oxo cube me.  Jamie Oliver’s looks good https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/vegan-shepherd-s-pie/

I also love the Mediterranean flavours that come from black olives, chorizo, sundried tomatoes, mmm now you’re talking, so if I could make something with these, I’d barely notice the other stuff.  Need to experiment on that one, watch this space…  My food also has to be easy to cook and not have loads of ingredients, I get put off by a long list of ingredients as soon as I look at the recipe.

Yesterday’s food was definitely quick and easy,

Poached egg and asparagus with toast (3sp) I’ve still not got the perfect runny egg in my poached but I will! Persistence pays off

For dinner we had chicken meatballs in onion gravy, with mash potatoes and peas (8sp)  Penn Road butchers is making me some lemon and herb ones today, can't wait to try them.
Tea was using up what was in the fridge and on use by dates, so it was squaffles, corn on the cob and fishcakes made with a can of mackerel, spring onions and leftover mackerel, oh and a spoon of wholegrain mustard.  (4sp)

Yep, we will lose weight again next week, I will be lighter for Christmas, especially as I got myself a mention on Radio 2 yesterday morning, thanks Vanessa!

Right time to get myself moving, wanna spend a bit of time in the kitchen this morning and to do that, I need to go buy a few ingredients first.

Here’s to a wickedly good Wednesday BeYOUtiful, let’s stay focused – it’s not Christmas yet!

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