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Monday, 6 November 2017

Back to No Count today, not No Counting at all!

6th November 2017
Life tip – Do YOU and embrace the current season of your life.

I’ve just gone done to make a cuppa for mom and me, not been up long, before I went down I was in the bathroom cleaning my teeth thinking, ‘right, we’ve had a lovely weekend of indulgence, time to sort it out now and get on track’ then I walked in the kitchen and noticed the tub of crackers!  My first thought was, ‘well I can’t get on track till they’ve gone, plus that cheese in the fridge’ but as I’ve sat here, I’m reminding myself that I can, cheese is allowed on the plan, everything in moderation, so here goes me back in control complete with cheese. Watch this space!

I’ll be having eggy crumpets for breakfast because I bought them yesterday reduced, plus they’re really filling, maybe No Count is an option today, get some balance back, put the crackers out of sight, I don’t need to be eating them till the weekend really or as a little snack here and there, I’ll do the same with the cheese.  I need to clear my body out today.  We have leftover beef from yesterday’s dinner so I can have that on No Count too, I’m out this afternoon and won’t be back to late so I could take some beef sandwiches with me, yeah there’s a good idea. 

My kitchen’s painted – it looks amazing, I had to smile as I was explaining a colour to Alexis and she was getting me, I showed her a plate I have and said, ‘a bit like this but lighter, you know like an oatmeal’, when we were telling Terry, his eyes rolled back in his head as he said oh your like my rich clients when they say they want colours like ‘Egyptian cotton’ and I tell em they mean mucky white which is what the walls will be in a few months anyway.  He put me straight and told me the oatmeal colour I wanted was in fact Magnolia and you know what, he was right, that’s exactly the colour I wanted and it looks great.  Now to clean up the mess and then it’s nearly all finished, the floors next on the to-do list.

Luckily I’d put the beef in the oven on the morning on gas mark 1, we couldn’t get back in the room till about 4 because of the painting so in half hour I did the rest, peas (love frozen petit pois), yorkies (frozen cheap uns!), stuffing, leftover mash and gravy.  I had done roasters round the joint but they weren’t good, everything else on the plate was delicious though and the gravy, oh my days you cannot beat gravy made with the beef juices, veg water and bisto gravy granules, that’s how I like my gravy, you all can do whatever works for you, that’s what works for me.  How many points, I have no clue and neither do I care.  I know that we didn’t go crazy eating yesterday, I even had a Jam doughnut by the side of me and it’s still there, I didn’t need or want it.

The overindulging we did Saturday did me good as it reminded me that’s not how I eat and I won’t be doing that over Christmas now, so that’s a bonus.  Never regret your behaviour, the good days make you happy, the bad days give you experiences and the worst days give lessons, oh and the best days of course give amazing memories.   I’ve come away with memories this weekend and apart from the Stifado and the beef dinner none of the food we ate really played any part in those memories, the Stifado because my brother cooked for me, that was pretty precious and the beef dinner because I don’t often get to eat a Sunday roast with family.  Yeah the weekend was about much more than eating but I won’t lie some of the eating was good.

He’s to a busy but on track day on No Count, I’ve got this!  You’ve got this too BeYOUtiful, let’s do this!

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