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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Do what you can but not too much!

8th November 2017
No is a complete sentence (need to remember this!)

That moment you have a realisation!  For me yesterday it was having a text conversation with someone who was trying to help and encourage me to get back on track and stop eating all the pies when I didn’t have a problem with being off track.  I suddenly realised my eating was the only thing I’m not having to control right now and it felt good, I know I’ll get back to healthy and I also know I’m not doing loads of damage.  Last weekend was a bit like our Christmas because of visitors, now I’m back to eating well just without the recording of it, 16 hour work days have that effect on you.  Once I’ve done the couple of meeting support visits I’ve promised to do then that’ll be me, I need some time back.  I want to cook and sit and eat, I want to tidy my house, sort my shed, feed my birds, squirrels and my not my cats, I want to have the banter with my mom whilst we sit and watch rubbish tele, I want to sit in my kitchen on these cold winter days and just watch the squirrels and birds eating their breakfast whilst drinking a brew.  Yeah I want my slower paced life back, I don’t like all this rushing.

Especially since I’ve had this camera fitted in the living room to show me moms okay, obviously because it’s new and I haven’t actually had time to sit and read the instructions, it’s telling me on my phone at the moment every time someone moves in the room, I sat and watched yesterday when I was in my office out of curiosity really for a little while after it sent me a notification, there was mom sitting up the corner and she’d helped herself to a bag of Maltesers, I went to ask her if she wanted some lunch and bless her, as I was walking down the stairs I saw her shove the chocolates down the side of the chair, she declined food and said she wasn’t hungry.  Back in my office I watched her happily chomp on her Maltesers.  Gotta love the devious woman.  She spends a lot of hours sat in that room alone, I want to be able to lessen some of that time by being here more.  This morning she said to me, when you’re at work and I hear keys in the front door, I think, “oh good, that’s our Anne”, and I’m dead glad to see her.  Please spend time with those you love, you never know when you won’t have the chance. 

Still not shopped, so yesterday I threw some cook from frozen chicken breasts, edamame beans, lemon and herb seasoning, olives and a tin of cooked lentils in the slow cooker on low then when I got back I added a tin of potatoes and sweetcorn and left it a bit longer on high.  It didn’t look the best but it tasted alright, my eggs on toast at breakfast looked and tasted delicious though.  For tea I had a few cheese and crackers, I wasn’t really hungry so happily enjoyed a small plate of delicious.

Will take salmon out the freezer this morning I think, maybe a WW frozen ready meal for tea and eggs for breakfast again.  Although I think I’m going to put grey peas and bacon medallions in the slow cooker see how it turns out. 

I’m waiting for the shop to open so I can pop over and buy milk and bread, no organisation in the house at all this week, but we’ll survive, worse things going on in the world for sure, might get a pack of peppers and do stuffed peppers, mmm nice, get some veggies in my system!   Start the halved peppers off in the oven, then mix
a tin of tuna with diced spring onion, bit of tomato puree, diced mushroom, fill the peppers and top with a bit of cheese.  That’s a quick and easy to do.

Even easier is roasting my salmon at the same time as my peppers halved then stuff the peppers with rice, couscous, quinoa or lentils, anything really.

Right I’m going to go get milk, busy day again, its Michael’s funeral later, I’m going to say goodbye to the special man who impacted my meetings for many years, and he is missed for sure.   Thanks to my generous members I’ve got £200 to give to his mom instead of flowers for the charities that helped Michael enjoy life whilst he was alive.

Let’s enjoy today BeYOUtiful, reminding ourselves we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

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