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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Just the one today!

2nd November 2017
There’s a lot to be said for a quiet life…

There won’t be two blogs today!  That second one just came out of nowhere and it helped me get it all out of my head and onto paper.   It also showed me once more that Weight Watchers care because my manager called and we had a chat and I’ve had messages from others that care too, we are community, I’m very lucky to be part of a great workplace family and I feel very blessed.

I feel better just making sure my manager knows how I feel, now I know she’ll be more mindful before asking me to do certain things and if I feel it’s too much I will be reminding her of that conversation.

So yesterday was a good day where sorting out my head and my life was concerned – not so good sorting out my weight!  Oh ma’an, my inner wild boar returned and that bitch was hungry, she’d been cross bred with a truffle pig and I was just inhaling food!  Seriously I was.  I started slowly at first, for breakfast I had a giant crumpet with best butter (why do we say BEST butter and not just butter – it’s no better than another brand, I think it’s from when I was a kid and we used to have margarine or on a lucky day BEST butter) anyway that cost me 9sp.  Then the Weight Watcher bourbon biscuits arrived ooo happy days, they’re a bit good for 1sp each, so I had 2, nah 3 of them.  Next it was lunch time and I made Co-op cheese & tomato pizza baguettes, bought them that morning for £1 for 2, 8sp each – bargain in both ways, we had them with 150g oven chips (7sp), however, when I say ‘dinners ready’ mom announces she’s not hungry anymore and do I mind if she doesn’t have hers.  My grown up sensible Bev is thinking, ‘oh mom, you’ve got to eat and I’ve cooked it’, my inner greedy wild, truffle boar pig is singing “happy days, that’s more chips for me, 150g is never enough, let’s go frisco!”  Guess who won, you know the answer there don’t you… So 22sp later, I walk in the kitchen still not full – what the hell’s going on there, I think my boar pigs got a damn worm, anyway there on the cooker sitting all forlorn is the other cheese & tomato pizza baguettes, the silent conversation in my head went, ‘that won’t reheat and it’ll be horrible cold, I don’t think mom would like it anyway, it’s a bit too crunchy for her, what shall we do with it, I have an idea” before my brain had even finished that inner chat, the baguette was half way down my throat.  30sp in a meal, they should last me a day!   The 80/20 rule had just been turned around and I was having a 20/80 day, well, I was eating for 3, me, the boar and the truffle pig!

It didn’t improve, the gorging continued and I can honestly say even when I went to bed finally I still wasn’t full up, I’d even been eating good food inbetween the white milk loaf I’d bought – what the hell was that all about, not only don’t I buy white bread but it’s a huge mistake buying a loaf that size and shape, it can almost fit in my mouth without taking bites!

Okay, line drawn deep and dark, fresh day, families on its way – I do solemnly swear to enjoy the next 5 days with my loved ones, I make no promises regarding my eating habits other than I won’t purposely be ridiculous and over indulge for the hell of it.

Take from this blog what you will but know this, I’ve been to goal a good few times, I’m a pretty healthy, fit middle aged women.  I love food and red wine (oh and other alcoholic beverages too – I’m not that fussy!), if I’d kept every pound off I’d be a key charm!  However, if I didn’t work at watching my weight, I’d be a hell of a lot heavier, can you imagine the damage I could do if I ate this way day in, day out!  So never be embarrassed about being greedy, about gaining weight, never worry about returning to your meeting and saying ‘Can I start afresh’ because I’ve done it more times than I care to remember, you’ll be in good company because all the best people like to eat A LOT!

Have a tremendous Thursday BeYOUtiful and remember, whatever you look like and wherever your wobbly bits are – you are an original, a one off, you’re working on a masterpiece (you!) and Masterpieces take time, so don’t rush, take care of you – because you my lovely matter too. xx

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