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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Do you need to spend more time with someone?

5th November 2017

Do what is right, not what is easy…

Isn’t it funny how when you plan things and expect something to go a certain way, it doesn’t, yet when you haven’t planned and have no expectations, that’s when the best things happen.  Friday night when I got back from work to find Terry and mom singing was just the best few hours, yesterday didn’t go that way at all, not to worry though, we’ll make up for it today I’m sure.  I reckon me and Aunt Bessie should spend some quality time together in the kitchen and knock up a hassle free Sunday roast, I’ll do the meat, she can bring the spuds etc, actually I might just make my own, be a proper host.  We’ll see how I feel because I’m not planning and I have no expectations at all for today, we’re just going to go with the flow.

We consumed a lot of junk yesterday because we couldn’t get in the kitchen, well by junk I mean a bag of peanuts, some crisps and a bit of mom’s carrot cake.  I don’t know how people do that all the time, it made me feel blah and all I wanted was a proper meal, thankfully I had eaten a chicken sausage sandwich for breakfast so at least I’d had something decent.  I think I’ve finally got over my eating for three, can get back to normality now and good healthy food, do a shop for some fresh fruit and veg etc.  Yeah I’m over it.  I won’t be Pointing today but I won’t be eating a load of junk either, tomorrow though I’m back on it with a vengeance, honest!

Woke up a few times in the night, mom woke me about half two, bless her, she was having a coughing fit, followed by the heating clicking on at half three and waking me up, so I had to go down and turn that off before it woke everyone up.  Finally my temporary cleaner (here for one weekend only!) had unbeknown to her or me, set my alarm clock whilst dusting, so that woke me up at 4.47, thankfully we’d been in bed by 9, so I’ve still had some sleep.

As if I needed reminding again but I was yesterday, time is more precious than money!  My brother painted the kitchen yesterday and it didn’t go smoothly, so he didn’t get to spend those valuable hours with mom, I wished I’d paid someone else to do it now.  We can’t get time back, we can earn more money, and this is why we have to weigh up how much time we spend working to earn.  Yes I know we have to pay bills and eat but are we getting the balance right and thinking about what we’re spending money on.  I remember when I worked at my last job towards the end when I’d been given a manager role, I was working ridiculous hours, earning well don’t get me wrong, but on my way home I was going to the supermarket buying a bottle of wine (to cheer me up) and a roast chicken (to save me cooking).  The extra money I was earning was going on buying expensive ready cooked food, clothing because you have to wear different clothes.

When I decided enough was enough and I didn’t want that job anymore, I took an incredible pay cut, I slowly paid off my credit card debt which had been built up by buying stuff to try and make me happy.  I soon realised you can’t buy happiness!

I managed to cut my food bill, I didn’t buy clothes for ages because I had so many and I found my happy again, mom and me got to spend more time together because for years she came to work with me and life got good again.

I love my phone but I’ve realised I don’t need the latest one that’s just been launched, this one works just fine for now, I’ll replace it when it needs replacing.  My cars the same, I’ve had it about 14 years now I think and as long as it goes, I can live with the dents and rust.

I know I’ve just spent a bloomin fortune on a wet room and my kitchen but I needed the wet room to make our life easier and you know what my kitchen had to be adapted to take the washing machine so yeah I treated myself and had a new kitchen, not that I need to justify it but I haven’t had a holiday for over 3 years now so that’s where I take my mini break every Sunday morning now ;)

I don’t do regrets because I’m a big believer in ‘if you’re gonna regret it, don’t do it’ but if I’d have known Friday what I realised yesterday, I’d have paid someone else to paint the kitchen and we’d have spent the day laughing in the living together.

Do you need to spend more time with someone?

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