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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Here's to the weekend

11th November 2017
Spend time with those you love, one of these days you will say either ‘I wish I had’ or ‘I’m glad I did’.

Let’s talk about… NO let’s wait, we all know what it’s like to look at those gifts under the Christmas tree and want to open them now but imagine Christmas day if you did!  Mom and I did this many times and then Christmas day just becomes like any other day and you end up deflated, so please if you’re waiting to hear all about the improvements from Weight Watchers, enjoy the anticipation and wait until your meeting next week, it’ll be worth it I promise, call it an early Christmas gift from us.

Anyway back to this week and today, WOW we’ve been getting some fabulous results this week on my scales, I’ve been super impressed, I plan to be joining the weight loss wagon from next week, I’m not tracking again today but plan to start from tomorrow or Monday at the latest, I’m thinking tomorrow though, I’m ready now, I’ve got it all out of my system, we have a delicious M&S cottage pie for our dinner today then everything else in my house is reasonably pointed, there’s actually not a lot here still as I’ve not shopped yet, might go this morning as I have a £12 coupon if I spend £60 in Sainsbury’s and that runs out today, so yeah I’ll go straight from my meeting and buy healthy stuff, that’ll encourage me to get back on track and stop messing about.

Ooo could I do half stone before Christmas?  I could if I stopped messing about couldn’t I!  Time to stop messing about and eat well I reckon, I can have that cottage pie and still make the rest of the day sensible.  At least I’m sat here drinking my pint of water, that’s a good start.  Focusing on the positives today, that will help me improve, need a weekend with my mom enjoying ourselves, we’re going to watch movies and talk rubbish, maybe put some music on whilst I’m in the kitchen and mom can sing along from the living room.   Ooo I should’ve had a hatch put in that wall – maybe I won’t suggest that though eh, think we’ve had enough work done for now!

Ooo I’ve just had an idea, I’m going to experiment, slow cooker roast dinner…. 

I’m thinking a whole chicken, put some whole carrots, onions, sprouts in its carcass, then lay it on the contents of a box of stuffing, I think the juices that come out of the chicken will cook the stuffing, might have a go of that this weekend, see what happens.  The chicken will cook perfect regardless of what happens to the stuffing, could even wrap a couple of jacket spuds in foil and put on the top of the chicken if your slow cookers big enough, mines a little thing now, mom broke the big one.

I’m really looking forward to my weekend, I do have work stuff that needs doing before next week’s meetings but I’m gonna leave it all till Monday I reckon, maybe do an hour or two tomorrow morning before mom gets up – we shall see, I do know my phones going off when I get home at lunchtime and mom and me are forgetting the outside world.

Remember to enjoy your day your way!  Moms just got up, I'm off to make her a cuppa and sort her medication, love my world I do.

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