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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fix your environment not you!

1st November 2017
Focus on yourself.  Don’t get lost in other people.

When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower!  Think about that for a moment, are you blooming at the moment BeYOUtiful?  If not, does your environment need ‘fixing’? 

What needs to change?  It could be small tweaks, not massive changes, I can’t drink my morning pint of water at my desk without my glass!  Which is why I leave the glass on my desk all the time because I know if I need to go downstairs to fetch one, I’m going to put it off, then when I eventually do go downstairs, I’ll have a mug of tea instead.  A simple tweak, pre-empting my behaviour, knowing myself.

What have you tweaked that has made a difference, what could you change that would help with your weight loss journey?

You can make such a big difference in no time at all.  I realised this yesterday when this photo came up on my timeline,

That was two photos taken over a month, a 7lb loss, if you read yesterday that’s what I said I’d like to lose, they say it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference, 8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. 

Four weeks today takes us to 29th November, let’s be honest that’s the start of the party season for a lot of people, not so much me, I don’t do partying, eight weeks takes us to 27th December, now if we could make a difference in those first four weeks, limit the damage in the second four, that would be awesome, because by 12 weeks, we’ll be heading towards the first month of 2018!

It’s not about perfection, which usually leads to a fall eventually, it’s about doing our best, doing what we can, when we can, pulling it back.  My members proved that yesterday, all inclusive holidays and only a small gain, curry night and a loss, yeah they’ve got the right idea.  Doing a bit is better than doing nothing at all!

My best yesterday was eating 3 healthy meals, my oops was having a couple of extra slices of bread and spread – could’ve been worse!

Here’s to another day of more yays and less oops – you with me?  What to eat though?  I think I’m going to keep it simple, I’ve got a continuous wanting for chips at the moment, so maybe that’s the plan, I’ll go buy some frozen ones I think and we can have egg and chips, nom nom… With peas, nice.  Yeah that’s dinner sorted.  I’m thinking I need overnight oats in my life as so many are talking about them and according to my lovely Julie, they taste even better the longer you leave them! 

Right I’m off, the stupid dog woke me up at midnight, then again at half four so I’ve been up a bit now, I may as well have a productive day.  Midweek already, 1st November, start of a new month – let’s make this one matter BeYOUtiful.

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