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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Let's make it a delicious day BeYOUtiful!

5th April 2016
A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.
Back to work this morning, I almost feel like I've had a holiday this weekend, been out every day for a few hours for the last 3 days, it's been really enjoyable, it's good to take a break from work as much as I love it and spend time with mom.  I've watched her eat a lot of cake, although yesterday I did have myself a steak sandwich with fries, which meant I didn't do my Simply Cook meal when I got home, so I have the ingredients for two still to do, today and tomorrow.  That's my meals sorted till Friday as I also have a paella ready meal too.   For those of you that have ordered the Simply Cook packs, I'm loving seeing the pics of your meals, also here is a link to the spreadsheet they supplied and I've added the Smart Points for, so if you do order other meals, you'll know how many SPs are in the kits and you can adapt the ingredients to suit you.

We went to visit another National Trust property yesterday, one we hadn't been to before called Packwood, we also nipped into Baddesley Clinton, although we didn't stay there as Alfie wasn't allowed anywhere inside the grounds at all, so not much point, not leaving him in the car.  A shame as I would've like to have seen the moat, instead we drove to a pub that used to be called Herons Nest and I'd been to once but has since been renamed The Kings Arms, last time I went there were herons nests along the canal path and I love herons, sadly this time there wasn't one to be seen.  There was a swan and ducks though, oh and a goat on a bench!  As you do!

This was where we had lunch and really would go back as they let you take dogs into one side of the pub, which would be great on a not so dry day.   http://www.thekingsarmsknowle.co.uk/ I recognise their menu too, definitely seen it in another M&B somewhere.

Anyway, eating out meant we only needed a light tea and all this driving about meant we had a lovely early night, so I'm fighting fit and ready for a long, lovely day at work.  Another incredibly busy week which will probably include a bit of working over the weekend, all about getting the balance.

Right now, I'm off to get me another pint of water before having me a shower and loading my car, true rock and roll lifestyle I hear you cry!

Here's your Smart Point recipe for today, I do like a bit of kedgeree, not eaten for a while, let's make it a delicious day BeYOUtiful, enjoy what you eat, focus on the healthy, make yourself happy.

Kedgeree – serves 2,  11sp per serving

300g cooked rice (12sp)
200ml skimmed milk (3sp)
200g haddock, diced into large pieces (1sp)
½tsp curry powder
2 boiled eggs, chopped (4sp)
2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
1 tbsp mustard (1tbsp)

Warm milk up slowly on the hob and add the chopped fish.  After 8-10 mins when the fish is cooked, add the rice and curry powder.  Warm through then add the eggs, coriander and mustard.  Season and serve.

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Everything looks better from behind a smile😀