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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

8th December 2010 - facebook email

In life count your gains, not your losses. In dieting count your losses not your gains! (Bev Longsden)

Well it’s warmed up only minus five this morning, I really could have slept in and taken a duvet day but instead I shall have a warm shower and take Alfie for a walk round the block.

I attempted to get back on track yesterday, I enjoyed two of my three meals, had bran flake with warm milk for breakfast (4pp) which I can live without! For main meal I had faggots (7pp), Aunt Bessies roast potatoes (4pp )and mushy peas (4pp) which was delicious (Alfie likes faggots apparently!), then for tea I had scrambled eggs (Alfie enjoyed these too!) on toast (10pp) mmm. Now I’d been tracking on the new iphone app and once I had my lunch and realised it was 15pp, which took my total up to 21pp, I considered stopping with the tracking because I hadn’t even had my tea, but instead I tracked everything including my large glass of red and my Weight Watchers dark chocolate orange bar, and my cup of soup at the meeting which I may have forgotten if I hadn’t written in down already! I ended up having 44pp yesterday which is a lot but because I’ve written it down I realise I can still make it through the week. I also earnt 8pp on my pedometer, thank goodness I need them for the appetite I’ve got at the moment! So only 7pp have to come out of my weekly allowance!

So this morning instead of feeling deflated and thinking that’s another day I’ve not been on a diet, I actually feel positive because although 44 is a lot, 44 was the most I actually wanted to eat yesterday which is progress as at one time that would have been nearer 88! Even if I had 44pp every day this week, as long as I was doing the walking on and earning the points on my Pedometer I’d still be within my allowance. Here’s to ending the year lighter than I started it! Hopefully you are too.

I also resisted MacDonald’s about three times yesterday so that was a bonus! What have you resisted this week?

I was reading something a snippet in a magazine at the weekend that said be wary of eating in large groups if you're trying to lose weight. According to nutrition specialists the longer you sit at the table, the more you'll eat. Dine with one friend and you will eat about 35% more. With a group of seven, that rises to 96%! Try to use the 'rule of two': either a starter or wine or dessert, plus your main course. I remember a couple of members telling me how they’d been out for lunch after their meeting and both sat there chatting then realised that they were picking at the last few chips on the plate without really wanting them, so they poured lots of salt over them to stop them from eating them just for the sake of it. Good idea!

So what you eating today, have you already planned it? Or are you gonna decide as you go along. With my appetite as it is I’m going to plan it (disappeared to the kitchen for a few minutes). Ok I’ve looked at supplies and breakfast is going to be a whole packet of Mattessons turkey rashers (4pp) 2 eggs (4pp) and tinned tomatoes, was going to have a toastie but no bread left, which I think I’m glad about! My main meal is going to be cottage pie which is a hefty 16pp, I bought it yesterday as part of a Sainsbury’s meal deal so it’s a Taste the Difference a.k.a. Makes You Fat! It’s ok though if I have it with lots and lots of veggies. That takes me up to 24pp, if I add on the definite glass of wine for 6pp I’ve hit my daily allowance so will got into my weekly and activity allowance again and I’m going to have to think about tea as the cupboards are a little bare and I’ve got paperwork to do. But planning has only just taken a few minutes, so why don’t you do the same.

Why not make some zero pointed soup, and if you have too much, remember you’re leaders ALWAYS hungry! ;-)

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