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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st December 2010 facebook email

Dear Lord, put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.

Happy advent everyone, it’s December at last and if you’re opening a window on a chocolate advent calendar remember to ProPoint it – at least 1 each.

I had a bit of a realisation yesterday, I’d had a lovely weekend away, on my return I didn’t get back on track immediately because I’ve been doing so well, back at goal, in the zone etc. Treated myself to toast at the meeting Monday morning, had a Chinese Monday night, ate the rest for my breakfast Tuesday morning, then got on the scales! Guess what, ProPoints is just the best plan Weight Watchers has ever come up with BUT… It only works if you follow it! Yep, unfortunately it’s true, if you decide to go to Brussels and drink mulled wine, beer, Irish coffee, eat MacDonald’s, steak and chips, croissants, and have hot chocolate with lots of cream then guess what, that adds up to more than those weekly 49 ProPoints even if you add on the 30 activity ProPoints I earnt. Which may explain why I’m 4lb heavier than I was this time last week!

So now I’ve had my weekend (which I have to say started Thursday with a MegaBrunch in Sainsbury’s and finished Tuesday morning with cold egg fried rice, I think that’s 6 days not a weekend) I’m back in the zone, going to get me some smoothies made and get my recipes cooking. I’ve got 2 meals out this weekend so I’ve already decided to stay within my ProPoints and make wise food choices so that I don’t gain anymore, it’s only just December after all and there’s still a month of Christmas to get through. Just imagine if I can gain 4lb in 6 days – how much damage could I do in a month if I stop now!

So please stay focused and on track, don’t let the snow put you off getting weighed, by all means snuggle up indoors in front of the tv but not with excess amounts of treats and takeaways.

Thanks to everyone who made it to my meetings yesterday, as you all know I only get paid if you get weighed ;-)

Looking out of the window this morning, I think a stew maybe called for or as I have lots of potato, maybe a corned beef hash mmm.

Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?
You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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