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Saturday, 18 December 2010

18th December 2010 facebook email

If you change the belief first, changing the action is easier. Peter McWilliams

Well its stupidoclock on Saturday morning and I’m wide awake!  Hopefully I’ll get an afternoon snooze later maybe.  Haven’t slept well knowing the one stray cat has slept on the fence ;( he’s so timid and scared of everything he won’t got in the kat kennel unlike the other one who’s sleeping like a baby in his new penthouse apartment ;).

Anywho, for those that have asked my meeting times over the next few weeks they are at the end of this email.

Here’s a thought about overindulging on Christmas day – realise that even if you gorge yourself, you can’t gain much in a single day.  Your stomach holds only about 40 fluid ounces.  If you stuff it even a few times with average food during the course of the day, the average Brit consumes 7,000 calories Christmas day.  That’s about 5,000 calories (and a lot of ProPoints) above maintenance for most people – which means you may gain a pound.  The scales may say two or three pounds, but this will be largely water retention and digestion overload, which are temporary.  So please don’t be jumping on and off the scales every day!

Most importantly – don’t feel guilty – just get back on the wagon.  You’ve had your fun, just like everyone else, and you can resume your question know that you didn’t miss a thing.  It’s not what you eat Christmas day that gives you a weight problem, it’s what you eat from boxing day to the following Christmas eve. 

Most of us love a drink, especially at this time of year, so here are the ProPoints values of some of those Drinkies!

Wine  - by the bottle easiest way!
White Dry = 18pp per 750ml bottle
White Medium = 20pp per 750ml bottle
White sweet/dessert = 25pp per 750ml bottle
Rose, Red or sparkling = 19pp per 750ml bottle
Champagne = 5pp per 175ml glass
Sparkling White Wine= 4pp per 175ml glass
Spirits -  25ml measure unless otherwise stated
Advocaat                         2pp
Amaretto                         2pp
Baileys                             3pp (pubs serve doubles so 6pp)
Brandy                             2pp
Gin                                   2pp
Pernod                             3pp
Port (50ml)                     3pp
Rum                                 2pp
Schnapps                         3pp
Sherry (50ml)                  2pp
Tequila                            2pp
Vermouth Dry (50ml)      2pp
Vermouth Sweet (50ml)  3pp
Vodka                              2pp
Whisky/ bourbon            2pp
Liquers – high strength   3pp
Liquers – med strength   2pp  
Cream Liquers                 3pp (most pubs serve doubles!)

Barley wine                     4pp per 180ml bottle

Bitter                               3pp per ½pint
                                        3pp per 330ml can
Lager                               3pp per ½pint
                                        3pp per 330ml can
                                        5pp per 440ml can
Lager – alcohol free         1pp per ½pint
                                        1pp per 330ml can
Guinness                          6pp per pint
Cider dry                          4pp per ½ pint
                                        6pp per 500ml bottle
                                        7pp per pint
Cider sweet                     4pp per ½ pint
                                        8pp per pint
Cider low alcohol            2pp per ½ pint
                                        3pp per pint
Cider vintage                   10pp per ½ pint
                                        20pp per pint
Magners light cider         3pp per 250ml bottle
                                        4pp per 330ml can
Bulmers light cider          3pp per 250ml
Shandy Bass                    1pp per 250ml
                                        2pp per 330ml can
Co-op strong Brown Ale  9pp per 500ml
Bacardi Breezers
Blueberry, mango, Pineapple, raspberry or watermelon                        4pp per 275ml bottle
Bacardi breezers
Orange or lemon             5pp per 275ml bottle

Fruit Juices – 100ml glass
Apple Juice                      1pp
Carrot Juice                     1pp
Cranberry Juice               2pp
Grape Juice                      1pp
Grapefruit Juice               2pp per  250ml glass
Orange Juice                   1pp
Pineapple                        1pp
Tomato Juice                   1pp per 250ml glass

Soft Drinks
Cola          regular                    4pp per 330 ml can
Cola  diet                         0pp per 33oml can
Bitter lemon                    1pp per 100ml
Cream Soda                     5pp per 330ml can
Ginger beer                      5pp per 330ml can
Lemonade regular           2pp per 330ml can
Lemonade diet                 0pp per 330ml can
Soda water                      0pp per 250ml glass
Tonic water                     2pp per 250ml glass
Tonic water diet              0pp per 250ml glass
Cordials – don’t forget them!
Lime juice cordial            2pp 50ml measure
Peppermint cordial          0pp 50ml measure
Fruit squash                    1pp 50ml measure
Fruit squash sugar free   0pp 50ml measure
Grenadine syrup              1pp per tablespoon

Ame                                 2pp per 250ml glass
Appletiser                                3pp per 275ml
                                        4pp per 330ml can

Dr Pepper                                4pp per 330 ml can
(same value for most soft drinks)

Shloer                              1pp per 125ml glass
                                        3pp per 250ml can
Red bull                           3pp per 250ml can
J2O  all but                      3pp per 275ml bottle
Apple & raspberry           4pp per 275ml bottle

Remember if you want to guarantee zero ProPoints in your glass, it’ll be water you should be asking for!

Have a Snowy Saturday!

My Xmas Opening Times -

My last meeting of 2010 is Weds 22nd Dec, if you usually get weighed on Thursday my other meetings you could attend next week;


Monday 9.30am & Wednesday weighing 8.30am – 10.30am,
St Johns Methodist Church Hall, Victoria Ave, Bloxwich WS3 3HS.

Monday 5.30pm, 5pm (express weigh only),

Community Centre, Well Lane, Wednesfield WV11

Tuesday 9am (express weigh only) or 10am, 5.15pm, 6.30pm,
Methodist Church, Wesley Road, Short Heath, WV12 5QT


Wednesday 5.30pm & 6.45pm

St Albans Church Hall, Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park, WV11 2LJ

My meetings restart Tuesday January 4th 2011

Wednesday 10am, Thursday 8.30 (express weigh only), 9.30am, 10.45am, 5 & 6.30pm
St Johns Methodist Church Hall, Victoria Ave, Bloxwich WS3 3HS.

Tuesday 9am (express weigh only) or 10am, 5.15pm, 6.30pm,
Methodist Church, Wesley Road, Short Heath, WV12 5QT


Wednesday 5.30pm & 6.45pm

St Albans Church Hall, Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park, WV11 2LJ

Monday 11th - 5.30pm, 5pm (express weigh only),

Community Centre, Well Lane, Wednesfield WV11

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