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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

You don't have to be a Smart Point expert overnight!

13th January 2016
Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for.

If you hadn't already heard, the Weight Watchers plan has changed!  It's called Smart Points now, yeah.  Personally I'm loving it, but I've had a little longer to get my head round it than most because as a leader, I had a sneaky peak last year so I've already got the "I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!" out of my system, I've grieved the old ProPoints plan and said goodbye and before Christmas I planned to refocus and embrace the changes and I'm so glad I did because I know not only did I lose 5lb last Friday but I will lose again this Friday because I'm following the plan to the letter, I even Smart Pointed the cheese and onion cob that made it into my hand when I was checking out a function room at the local pub yesterday!  Yeah all tracked, using my app, loving my barcode scanner, downsizing my plate, thinking Smart about my meals and embracing the changes.  Listening to ideas in the meetings and checking out the great meals in my group because my members have embraced it too, that was proved yesterday when over 200lb was lost on my scales, lots of smiles, loving the plan!

So obviously they haven't all got the plan sussed straight away, you're not supposed to know it all immediately, and you don't need to!  As we eat every day, as we decide what to eat for our next meal, we can learn what's a good choice, what's not such a good choice, what are the best swaps to make.  I personally have a shocking memory (too much going on up there and too much to remember) so I have myself a little A-Z address book and instead of using it for contacts, I'm using it as my own little food pocket book, so when I look something up on the app or in my Weight Watchers books, for example extra lean beef mince, I then put that in my pocket book, under B, it reads "Beef mince 5% 125g = 3sp, 400g = 10sp, 500g = 12sp, this helps me quickly Smart Point a recipe or a single meal, it's a food I eat often and the little book is easy to transport.  Another example is my milk or my bread, I use specific brands and they are Smart Pointed under M and B ;) get it, good idea yeah!  Chorizo and Cod is under C, you're with me now, really easy way to do learn the system, especially for your treats, crisps and chocolate, you can put under their name or a list of chocolates under C, whatever works for you.

Yesterday was a random meal day if I do say so myself, my food shop doesn't get delivered till this afternoon and being a bit skint after December and Christmas, I don't want to waste anything I have in the fridge or freezer, so breakfast was a good cooked breakfast, bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms and a slice of toast.  Lunch was a concoction, I used 2 leeks that were gonna go off in the fridge, steamed them, then 10sp of bacon, a tin of diced potatoes (5sp) what was left of a pot of Philadelphia light with ham (4sp) and mixed it all together, it was delicious, served 3 at 6sp each.   If I'd had some cheese I'd have grated a bit on the top and popped it under the grill that would've been perfection on a plate!   

https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/posts/10153862797782351 tasted better than it probably looks. 

Right I need to get my backside into gear, got to get ready for work, got my boss visiting my meeting today, best behaviour then - NOT!

Here's to another great day, make it a wonderful Wednesday, focus on what's wonderful about your day, there will be something if you look!  Already I've woken up with creative thoughts and ideas for next week's meeting which for me is wonderful because that's what my guided meditations are about this month, 'creativity', i didn't think they were doing anything as I'm not doing it quite 'properly', my mind wanders ;) no surprise there, but I must be because it's working.  So BeYOUtiful make Wednesday wonderful, it's all in your power to make today, whatever you want it to be.

Here's a simple Smart Point recipe, make a great cold lunch too this would;

Creamy Ham Pasta
Serves 2, 9sp

120g dried pasta (12sp)
200g zero frozen mixed vegetables
200g wafer thin ham (4sp)
80g Philadelphia extra light (3sp)
Chicken oxo cube

Cook pasta with veg for 10 minutes,
Crumble chicken oxo cube in approx 200ml boiling water and mix together with soft cheese in a pan whilst warming up on the hob. Drain pasta and veg and mix into sauce with ham.

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