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Thursday, 7 January 2016

I'm actually looking forward to the scales tomorrow!

7th January 2016
A man without a vision for his future always returns to his past.

So it's Day 7, I did it, made it through my first week, well by the time I go to bed tonight I will have!  I don't double I'll make it because I have a fabulously crazy, busy day in front of me and 11 weekly Smart Points left, not forgetting the 52 Fit Points I've earned so far.  Feeling focused and in control, really like how I feel too.

I even went for that walk yesterday morning did 4,500 steps which helped me finish my day on 14,781 steps and having all my screen in green, which if you're a fit bit wearer you'll understand, if you're not you probably think we're crazy being tagged by a device that tracks our movement!
I made time to eat properly too, there's a pile of work on my desk which means I'll have to work Friday and likely Sunday but I'm thinking I'd rather take an hour out on my work days in the week and do that, than do 12 hours straight with no break! 

Yesterdays lunch was Heck chicken Italia sausages, with onions and gravy, served with garlic mash, garden peas and a Yorkshire pudding, it was absolutely delicious and only 10 Smart Points and because I've started using the two smallest plates in the cupboard, I managed to get 3 plates of food instead of 2 out of what I'd cooked.  This meant I had the leftovers for tea and they were just as good the second time!
I bought some ready roasted chicken breasts whilst in Asda yesterday, thought that would be a quick lunch today and also some pulled pork with a sauce for tea maybe, they'd be nice in that open packet of wraps I never got round to using.  As long as I have some ideas of what I can have, I know I'll stay on track.

The meetings are buzzing, which means I'm buzzing, so getting to sleep last night wasn't as quick as usual ;), at least I can lie in tomorrow if I feel the need, hoping my energy levels are going to go up as I lose the pounds again.

It's great when I'm asking all my new members 'why' they  want to lose weight, the tide has really changed in recent years from a place of vanity or because they feel they should to wanting to do it for health reasons, I love that they want to be healthy which we know helps with the happy and vice versa.

So here's to a tremendous Thursday BeYOUtiful, if you're still struggling I know sometimes seeing others on track can make it seem even harder to get back on track, don't let it! Get yourself to a meeting and get some extra motivation and inspiration, realise you're not on your own.

Here's your Smart Point recipe for the day, you can just half the ingredients if you want to make it for one.

Chicken, bacon, peas and mash
Serves 2, 5sp each

Salt & pepper
2 x 165g skinless chicken breasts (3sp)
low fat cooking spray
2 slices chopped lean back bacon (5sp)
4 chopped spring onions
150ml stock made with ¼ chicken oxo stock cube
100g frozen peas (2sp)
1 little gem lettuce

Boil & mash 300g potatoes to serve with the following;

Season chicken breasts, spray a non stick frying pan with spray and brown the chicken for 1 minute. Turn chicken and add bacon to the pan – fry for 1½ minutes. Stir in spring onions & cook for 30 seconds until bright green, then pour in the chicken stock and bring to a simmer. Cover then pan, reduce heat & simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in frozen peas and lettuce, re-cover the pan and cook for 3-4 mins until peas are tender & lettuce has wilted.

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