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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Highly Successful Dieter - Me? Never!

5th January 2016
The best way to get things done is simply to begin.
Well I'm looking forward to and ready for my busy working week, bring on the crazy I say! 

Yesterday one of my friends sent me a link to an online article, in it she talked about the secrets of highly successful people!  it was excellent, having read a few of those kind of articles I already knew it involved things like getting up at stupid o'clock, committing to an exercise regime, meditations, eating healthy food, dressing professionally, setting goals, scheduling quality time, decluttering, etc etc.  I also knew like the author of the article that I didn't want to be a highly successful person, it was far to much effort and no fun at all!  She went on to tell you how to be a  moderately successful person instead.  This is the article http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jan/01/how-to-be-moderately-successful-person-like-me

After reading it got me to thinking about the secrets of a highly successful dieter!   And after acknowledging it involved things like setting a daily exercise regime, getting up at stupid o'clock to get meals planned and prepared before work, setting goals, eating healthy food, drinking rarely etc etc, I realised I'm more than happy to be a moderately successful Weight Watcher member instead!

I'm all for losing my weight, I'm just not willing for it to be the only thing going on in my life.  Yes I'm on Day 5 of being a golden Weight Watchers member this week, but honestly, this is what I call the honeymoon phase, for me it won't last, for one reason I like wine too much, I also like food like chorizo and butter too much!  So I'm happy to plod along and loser 1/2 - 1lb a week after this first week of being a slimming saint so I can continue to enjoy the other things in life I love.

Yeah being highly successful involves too much effort for me, I don't want to exercise every day, I have a crazy busy life already and I don't want to add another commitment to my life, instead I will do what I did yesterday and go for a walk with my mom and the dog to top up my steps on my pedometer, I enjoyed that and it helped me chill out. 

I'll get up when I wake on none work days, I'm not setting an alarm to 'get things done', things can wait.  I'll continue to have the odd 'diet day off' and go out with my besties and enjoy a t-bone steak or whatever's on the menu that takes my fancy regardless of the Smart Points in it.

I've accepted that my house is a glorious mess, I'm accepting the clutter because not accepting it winds me up and I don't need stress in my life.

Just as with life, I'm approaching my weight loss 80/20, that means I'm not going to be 'perfect', fair play to those who are, if it suits you - go for it!   It's not a project and when I've finished, I'll move onto the next thing, nope this is my life, my health and my happiness and I want them to be in harmony, so I'm going to make sure I enjoy 2016 and my weight loss journey - why?   Because it's the SMART thing to do!

Being a moderately successful Weight Watchers meant I did put a bit of effort into looking for some meal ideas before shopping on Saturday, it also meant I didn't stick to the meals 100% that I planned but that what I did eat I enjoyed because they were delicious and because I'd shopped for healthy sensible ingredients the meals were still within my allowance. 

Yep, I'm feeling good, so really I think it depends on your definition of 'highly successful' as to whether I am or not, I am highly successful at being healthy and happy and content with my life, are you BeYOUtiful?

Here's today's Smart Pointed recipe, it's simple but satisfying, enjoy.
Beef Chilli Fry
Serves 1, 14 Smart Points
200g frying steak cut into strips (7sp)
200g tomato puree (6sp)
2 tsps curry powder (1pp)
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp garam masala
1 beef oxo
1 onion sliced

Brown onion in spray oil. Set aside. Cook steak in spray oil. Set aside. Combine tomato puree, curry, chilli, garam masala & oxo in a pan with half a pint of water. Bring to a simmer stirring all the time. Add beef & onions and cook through..

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