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Friday, 18 September 2015

Success & smiles, what more do you need!

18th September 2015
What makes you different, makes you BeYOUtiful.

Just had me a lovely sleep, the only thing that disturbed it was Alfie wanting to go up the garden at 1am which I didn't mind and my computer keeps turning itself back on for some reason since I updated it to Windows 10, so I need to look into that as I can hear the docking station running and I don't wanna get out of bed to turn it back off! 

Anyhow it's not the end of the work, it's Friday and I haven't got to rush to get anywhere, so after I've done my blog I'm going to do my ten minute meditation with headspace.com, I will do the ten days to see if I can make it a habit and get into a routine of doing it every morning.

Meetings have been great this week, my members are really getting back on track and enthusiastic, I reckon after Saturday's meeting we'll be heading towards 500lb lost this week on my scales, which will mean the total weight loss on my scales this year is 18,000lb, just incredible. 

And it's seeing those smiles at the scales that make the difference, whether it's that first week WOW, which I had a few of yesterday, one was 8lb, well done Clare!  

Or someone like our Dave who's just done so well, it's incredible, having lost almost 5 stone, I couldn't be prouder, as you can see from the photos, he's come such a long way and has so much enthusiasm it's fantastic. 

There's so much of this success, Pam showed me a photo on her phone yesterday of when she weighed 17 stone, she's now been at goal for 18 months, having lost over 7 stone and still comes to meetings every week!  Amazing!

I also have members who despite struggling, continue to come as they know the damage that they could do if they weren't trying (I'm one of those members at the moment), we can't all be great all the time, we're human.

I look forward to getting them all where they want to be when it's their time, a few will be there before the end of this year, I know they will, and yes you reading this thinking does she mean me - yeah I do!

Keeping it brief this morning because my BeYOUtiful mom has just woke up and I want to go make her a cuppa, if you haven't seen my mom in action, you may enjoy this little video, yesterday on my way to work I nipped into the garage and this video is what happened whilst I was in there ;) made my day it did, I love that lady xx

Have a great day. 

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