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Sunday, 6 September 2015

No work for me today...

6th September 2015
The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

My new meeting was a success, everything run smoothly and all my helpers were amazing, they really did make pulling it all together so much easier, I'm looking forward to spending every Saturday morning with this amazing bunch of people. 

So I'm having a completely work free day today, I won't say Weight Watcher free because that's impossible, but I can stay away from the pc and emails and paperwork, it'll all wait till tomorrow. 

Today, I'm apparently doing a sponsored 5k walk! After all the busy of my new meeting, I'd put this clean out of my mind!  So that's the first thing on the agenda, once I've sorted moms breakfast and drugs, I'll be driving to Sutton Park I think, I really need to check that don't I!

Oops no it's Sandwell Valley, good job I went to check!  So if you fancy donating https://www.justgiving.com/Mymom or text MOMS76 £1 to 70070
(you can change £1 to whatever amount you can spare).

Once that's complete, I'm back here for an afternoon of lager giggles and catching up with my bestie, it's been a while, work and the school holidays make it almost impossible, especially as we live so far apart, but today we're going to sort that out, steak and chips and a few beers, ladies we are!

So I've managed 5 days of my tracker and it's really been enlightening, I've not changed my eating because I wanted to see how badly I've been doing lately when I think I'm "being goodish", trust me, it's not pretty reading and I've realised I'm not being anywhere near good, yeah the food I'm eating is good food, but the quantity really isn't, so after today, I shall be 100% focusing on Filling & Healthy for a while to get my appetite under control, I think they're only one none F&H food left in my freezer, the rest is all good to go.  I didn't get to shop yesterday at Lidls on my way home as there wasn't any room in my car and to be honest I just wanted to get back and do the paperwork so I could have today free, my brain was frazzled after the run up to it. 

I've got my meal idea list at the ready, which I blogged earlier in the week, I'm sure I can add to that too, I'll go shopping either Monday or Tuesday, until then I have spuds, lots of spuds and eggs, I have mince in the freezer, so I could make a cottage pie as I have carrots and onions too, mmm yeah, that can be my starter meal for tomorrow.  I need to make some soup too, that'll fill me up.

We've actually been talking gadgets this week in meetings and the soup maker is the one gadget that I've considered purchasing, mainly because it cooks and does a small serving, when I make soup I get a little crazy and make far too much!  I've been told I can blend it in my nutribullet once it cools, so maybe I need to start using a smaller saucepan!   I've found a nice recipe for spinach and potato soup on the Weight Watchers website, mmm I'd like that for sure.

Right I'm away, need to get myself sorted and check a map!  Organised me - erm not today nope.  Enjoy your Sunday BeYOUtiful, whatever you have planned, I know I'm going to.

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