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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Loving a bit of Jamie!

15th September 2015
When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate, when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.

So yesterday was a bit messy, I got up feeling blah, then realised it was obviously my hormones causing me to feel this way as my life was just dandy the day before, so I tried to distract myself by going to the shops and doing a bit of shopping, then came home and cooked this;

Which was delicious, the whole sheet of pastry was 40pp, had it from Aldi for 89p, the same thing in Sainsbury's was £1.39, worth shopping around.  I topped it with tomato puree, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables and 6pp of grated mozzarella, so 48pp in total, which made 4 large slices for 12pp each.  Really tasty and you can use all sorts of toppings, whatever takes your fancy.

Hormones still raging, everything was annoying me, Alfie was being a prize pain so I took him for a walk and had me a cry as you do, it was all good though as I knew it was my hormones affecting my mood and as soon as it passed I'd be fine. 

They did pass later in the day and I'm great again this morning, even though I've been awake since just before three, thanks for that body and brain, gotta love day one!  Luckily I had an early night, so I've managed 7 hours sleep.

I did watch a good YouTube video though of Jamie Oliver making Jamie's Cheese & Chive Popovers

In it he made breakfast for two, he mixed 1 egg (2pp), 1 heaped tablespoons cottage cheese (about 100g) (low fat = 2pp, normal = 3pp), then add 1 tbsp wholewheat flour (3pp), pinch of pepper, once mixed together, it'll look like a thick batter. 

Then add chopped spring onions  and some chives (you could add grated courgette or tomatoes)

A teaspoon of olive oil (1pp)l goes into your frying pan then make about 6 tablespoons of mixture into your pan and fry, turn over once they've cooked on the one side, then turn over and push down.   Once cooked, grate half of the 15g Parmesan (2pp) over the top and turn them over onto the cheese and grate the rest.  When you fold it around it'll pick up the melted cheese.  Serve.   I make them about 5pp per serving. 

He served his with salad leaves and smoked salmon.  It looked really good, and you can watch him make them if you like here; http://www.jamieoliver.com/videos/jamie-s-cheese-chive-popovers-real-time-recipes-was-live/#IWx7Q8uqoLMEDxhC.97  I quite like the idea of making them whilst watching him make them. 

They sound tasty for sure.  And according to stats if you have breakfast you're three times less likely to be overweight or obese!  Worth eating first thing then!

And as I'm up so ridiculously early, I'm now about to watch his new video that was uploaded yesterday, "My Brilliant Breakfast", he's making toasted oats, mango, blueberries & yogurt.  Mmm looks nice, right I'm off, however you start your day, make sure it's delicious BeYOUtiful, let's aim for a healthy and happy day.

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