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Friday, 4 September 2015

Short & sweet this morning, I'm still asleep!

4th September 2015
Be miserable or motivate yourself.  Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.

Yay, had me a cracking lie in, 6.41am, that's like 2 hours over what I'd usually get on a Friday morning so I'm chuffed and ready for my organising day, got lots of bits to get done today, got my new meeting open tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it.

So the freezers almost ready for the defrosting!  I reckon Sunday afternoon to be restocked Monday.  I'm really looking forward to doing Filling & Healthy, I think it will really help me get even more good habits in place, get that slow cooker out and have lovely smelling meals to come home to in the evening, mmm.

I also made a pact yesterday with one of my members, we're going to both complete a journal no matter what, I start day 4 this morning, day three ended a little too high but it's all under control.  I'd defrosted some sweet chilli skewers I'd bought from the whoopsie counter 99p, they're shouldn't have they were 4pp each and there was 6 in the packet, of course mom didn't want any - ouch!  They weren't even big either, size of a sausage.

There's been some amazing results this week in my meetings, five of my lovelies have achieved their final goals and I've handed out loads of certificates, including a 50lb to Lisa yesterday morning and 75lb to AnnMarie and Pam, just shows, being persistence pays off, it really does!

I'm gonna have a doing day today, well until my massage this afternoon anyways, then I shall be chilling for the rest of the day.  Feeling good now I've had that sleep, not even phased by the grim morning out there, I hope it don't rain Sunday morning when we're doing this sponsored walk for Alzheimer's, I don't like walking in the rain, I'm a lightweight.

Whatever the weather, here's to an awesome weekend, meeting lots of new faces (hopefully) tomorrow at my new meeting, enjoying a walk Sunday morning if it's dry my brother will be fitting the perspex on my greenhouse .  Gonna be a good weekend, I can feel it in my bones, I've even got my bestie coming over Sunday for lager giggles - they shall be tracked!

Enjoy your Friday BeYOUtiful, let's make it fabulous and stay focused on the healthy and happy.

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