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Monday, 7 September 2015

Recharged & raring to go.

7th September 2015
Know the power of your own mind & programme it for success.

An almost completely free work day was had yesterday and it was great, I was picked up at 9ish to go do our Memory walk to raise funds for Dementia, I was walking with 5 of my BeYOUtiful members and we had a lovely morning and raised a few pounds, text MOMS76 £1 to 70070 (you can change £1 to whatever amount you can spare) or pop something in our tub at the meeting this week.

I spent the afternoon catching up with my bestie and drinking a few beers, I'm relieved it hasn't damaged the results of my weekly weigh in this morning too much, I've managed a stayed the same - I'll take that.

Yeah I had a lovely day and I don't feel too delicate this morning so all is good in our world.  I had hot dogs for my late dinner and luckily there was no junk in our house so we couldn't have a post drink pig out!  You can't eat what you don't buy - that theory actually works, my besties daughter wasn't thrilled that we had no crisps but she got over it ;)

So today is day 7 of my journal, it hasn't made for the prettiest reading, it's not the best first week of a journal I've ever produced but maybe that's a good thing, get the worst out the way first then you can focus on improving - that's my plan anyways.

Today I start Filling & Healthy, need to get the mince out the freezer to make my cottage pie, need to do a bit of shopping, we seriously do have an empty fridge now, all that's in it is a bunch of spring onions, a yogurt and jars of jam!  Freezers just got frozen fruit and veggies in, I really want to defrost it, not sure if I do that now or the end of the week and then restock it.   If I put the frozen in a giant coolbox then I could do it today.  Yeah that sounds like a plan, that and a bit of painting and that'll be my to do list for the day, possibly the shop too.

Although we might be having a trip to the dentist, if they can fit mom in today, that'd be good, we could shop whilst we're over that way.

It's felt like a long weekend, that's a good thing, a good day off can be as recharging as a week off, if it's spent properly.

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into filling and healthy, I'll make some potato sound today too, got to use up those potatoes.  I could use some of the frozen veggies in it, I'm sure there's a bag of diced peppers, mmm red pepper and potato soup, or chargrilled mediterranean vegetables and potato soup.  Yeah that'll use some more of it up.

Oh I feel good this lovely, promising Monday morning, let's hope for another sunny day like yesterday, I do like a bit of sunshine.  I'm feeling fresh starts are the theme, it's a new season, kids are back at school (nearly all of them), I've started my new meeting, my journal has been started and now I'm starting Filling & Healthy. 

I'm up for a great week, on track, in the zone, looking after me, how about you BeYOUtiful, are you up for that too - looking after you though, I don't expect you to look after me ;)

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