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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Have you ever fell over?

22nd September 2015
What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

I love it when a simple sentence or two sums something up perfectly and one of my members did just that yesterday when another was saying she was struggling to maintain her goal weight, this was what she wrote;

"The trick is how we react when we do fall...If you fell over in the street would you get back up as quick as you could or would you lie there for a few weeks? We can't avoid falls all the time but we can however plan how we will get back up when it happens" 

I love that, how true, every time I read it I think about falling over in the street and just staying down, we wouldn't would we, we'd jump back up as quickly as we were able to and that really is how we should behave after a bad eating day, we all have them after all!

I've just completed day 8 of my 10 day free headspace trial, I am enjoying it, it really does make me realise how busy my mind is though, even for ten minutes it doesn't want to turn off, it still tries to get me to think about 'stuff', I'm managing to 'let them pass' as your supposed to but I honestly needed to do this to realise how much I need to find calm time every day not just on my days off.

Yes I'm really busy, but you know what, it'll all wait!

I enjoyed some me time yesterday, I spent a good hour walking round Waitrose (love that shop), I had a £22 coupon if I spent £105, and they're not as expensive as you'd think, meat was 3 for £10 as in Asda and other supermarkets.  Yeah I find food shopping relaxing.  I also had a couple of hours in the garden, have planted pansies in my pallets so we have something pretty to look at now the summer plants have gone over. 

I need my daffodils to arrive so I can get all my bulbs planted, see that's planning, plant now for spring flowers.  There's a saying that summer bodies are made in winter, it's never too early or late to start, weight loss takes time, you can't think about losing 3 stone a fortnight before your holiday, a wedding or some other important event!  It's just over 13 weeks to Christmas and I don't know about you but I know most members would like to be lighter then than they are now, so get planning and preparing.

Do you track?  If not why not?
Do you plan your meals? Would that help?
What are you doing to ensure your weight loss success each week?

It doesn't just happen, you have to work at it.

This week is cake week, it's Macmillan's Coffee mornings so we shall be taking part in my meetings, it's also an open meeting week where none members can nip in and see what happens in a Weight Watcher meeting, so if you've never been, this weeks your chance.  Back to the cakes, I've got to try and limit my indulgence, it's okay going to one event, but I'm going to be at 11 of them and I already attended one on Saturday.  I did have the most delicious slice of lemon cake there though, and for anyone who really does love cake, this is the recipe link http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/whole_lemon_cake_with_40866, how many ProPoints - 200!  Yep, 17pp for 12th of the cake, or 25pp for a quarter, thank the universe for that weekly allowance!

Time to get gone, I've got a busy day so I'm going to start it with a good breakfast, eggs on toast I think, making today a F&H day, salmon and rice for lunch with roasted vegetables, mmm.  Just tea to decide..

Have a great day BeYOUtiful.

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