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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Charity, cake & success!

20th September 2015
Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds.  You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds!
Really had a lovely day yesterday, normally I don't like having to go to area meetings with my colleagues and boss, I'm not going to lie, I already work a blooming long week which I love but I also like to do nothing or me stuff and that's what Saturday afternoon and Sunday's are about.  However I really enjoyed it, I even enjoyed the drive there with a workmate in the car (another thing I'm not a fan of, like my own company in my own car) but the afternoon went quickly, it was informative and relaxed and we got cake!  We held our first MacMillan coffee morning (in the afternoon), I took a bottle of champagne  (that a member had given me a while ago) and a bottle of non alcoholic wine and we raised £32 from the raffle and another £58 from the absolutely delicious cakes made by some of the leaders.  Fantastic result, and I hope to up that amount as the week goes on in all of my meeting.

I was truly touched on the morning, two of my BeYOUtiful members gave me their money box tin that they'll been collecting in all year to donate to my mom's charity, that really made me fill up, such kindness and generosity is so wonderful. 

And to make it the triple, Kaj my member in my Saturday meeting was doing a sponsored event to raise money to help older dogs who need meds in memory of http://walk.jakslegacy.co.uk/ well they were super generous in yesterday morning's meeting and we raised £70, so thank you to everyone who's been generous towards any charity or person this week, the world is built on love and what goes around comes around and all that.
So as can imagine, my 'healthy' went a little out of the window yesterday, but my 'happy' was well on track thanks to an incredible slice of lemon cake, oh my, it was delicious!  I've just tracked the pain and today I'm back to on track as well as healthy and happy, I shall be making me a cheese and onion pie though, it has to be done.

Oh but that lemon cake, I so want the recipe, but I'm scared to have it in my house ;)

The icing on the cake yesterday (pardon the pun) was a message on my Facebook wall from Dave telling me he'd achieved his goal that morning having lost 100lb and thanking me and the Saturday crew for all the support, I am absolutely thrilled for him and his wife Julie, together they've lost over 200lb, just incredible! 

Here's a photo taken back in May of them both looking lovely at a wedding, and a before taken back when they started. 
I'm ending there for today, because I just can't top that wonderful news ;) weight loss is what it's all about, getting healthy and happy and they most certainly have done that!  Have a wonderful day folks, go give someone you love a hug. xx

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