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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Aging BeYOUtifully I am!

19th September 2015
Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be!
Reading glasses!  I've got have reading glasses, apparently my eyes have caught up with my grey hair and they're aging ;-) then they talked me out of having a pair like Harry Potter, which I'd got my heart set on;

So instead I've gone for some "LOOK I'M WEARING GLASSES" kind, you know, the not very discreet ones, tortoise shell and big because I don't like small, and I'm not one for subtle :), I think the assistance words were well if you don't mind being noticed, mmm nope, can't say I've ever worried about sticking out!

And the one thing I'm dead chuffed about is they're only for reading so I can shove them on my head and they'll hold my floppy hair out of my face when I do my meeting talk, they'll be the most expensive headband EVER!

I'm on day five of my 10 minute guided meditation trial with headspace.com, did it from the phone app this morning whilst still in my warm bed, some numpty had woke me up early with their screeching breaks as they come to the traffic calmer on the main road, it's very foggy out there and they were obviously going much too fast for a 30mph drive.

I've got a full day today, meeting this morning, then an area meeting this afternoon over Halesowen, so that's Saturday taken.  I'm hoping it'll be dry on Sunday though as I want to get in the garden, fancying putting pansies in my hanging baskets, maybe some snowdrops too. 

And I need to make me a cheese and onion pie - you knew I couldn't make it through a blog without the talk of food!  Cheese and onion pie with baked beans, it just needs to be done for sure, I'll need to get some potatoes and onions first though as I'm all out of most things, we have eggs and tomatoes, we also have a fridge full of puff pastry, not sure I've told that story on my blog but let's just say I have a mini oven too mini for the pastry!

So I was given a recipe Thursday by the lovely Nat, she impressed me because she'd just took a pic of it in the shop as she didn't want to buy the book - love that!  Anyway these were the ingredients from that one;

350g potatoes peeled and sliced (8pp)
1 clove garlic, crushed
300ml double (heavy) cream (39pp)
2 tbsp thyme leaves
100g gruyere cheese grated (11pp)
450g all butter puff pastry (51pp)
1 egg, beaten (3pp)
Salt & pepper

WOW, OUCH, not happening, 112pp, but the real reason I won't be making tha tone is I know when we were kids mom wouldn't have used cream or gruyere, we'd have had good old fashioned cheddar, I'm going to do one that's a lot less ProPoints, watch this space, although it'll still be high because it's cheese and pastry, I'm not a miracle worker!

Waffling now ain't I, it's time to get ready for my meeting and my lovely members, they're going to finish my week off lovely, I know they are!

Today decide to BeYOUtiful, enjoy your day and focus on the healthy & happy.

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